Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Creating a fuller, longer ponytail (Trick Pony)

So I wanted to share an AMAZING tip I saw on Pinterest the other day called The Trick Pony...well I though it was pretty cool. You can tell me if I'm lame and this is like way old news, but to me this was like man landing on the moon or something, mind blown.

I didn't ever think of this before, but after I found this I was like "why hasn't anyone thought of this before???"

Well apparently someone did, it just wasn't me. dang it

So what I'm going to show you today is how to create a fuller, longer ponytail. No extensions needed!
1. Start with your hair down. Easy enough...

2.back comb at the roots of the crown for some volume.(hopefully you know how to tease your hair, I don't think I could explain that one very well)

3. divide your hair in half right above or slightly below your ears. The further down you separate the hair, the more natural this will look...if that make sense? Pull the hair back into a half pony and secure with elastic

4.gather the remaining hair into another ponytail, combing it upward, and trying to get it gathered as CLOSE to the ponytail you just made. Got it? good.

5. Secure that small pony with elastic as well and give it a nice firm tug, hopefully pulling it even closer to the top ponytail.

6.Pull the top pony and tighten it, pulling the hair on the sides over the ponytail underneath...hopefully you are still following me.

7. Go ahead and back comb the top ponytail if you like to give it some volume and make it look fuller.


Doesn't it look longer? DOESN'T IT?!?!?! Magic I tell ya. This trick pony can work for straight or curled hair, I would suggest the curled version just cause it hides the underneath ponytail a little better, but either look good. Excuse my saggy ponytail in the last picture. Obviously I didn't pull it tight enough, but it's not the top hair that matters, its the bottom! Don't you love it? Hope y'all have enjoyed this tutorial! Have a great night!