Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pacapod Diaper Bag

Hey guys! Thanks for being patient while I got my post on the Pacapod diaper bag ready for y'all! It's been a crazy couple weeks trying to get operation baby prep completed! But I am so excited to be giving away a Pacapod to one of my sweet followers! I heard about Pacapod a couple months before I got pregnant, and when I did get pregnant I knew I had to have one for this baby.

There are so many cute options through Pacapod but my favorite is the Firenze in Putty! It is the most beautiful color and the leather detail is amazing. All those things aside though, the best part about it is what this bag is capable of. The cool thing about this diaper bag that makes it unique is the different sections for both mom and baby! One section is perfect just for mom. You can put all of your makeup, keys, wallet, whatever you want in that section without mixing it will all of your baby essentials because...dun dun dun! There is a different section you unzip on the back that is specially for all your supplies! The "pods" are what this bag is all about. Inside the baby section there is a pod for bottles, and it is insulated so it keeps them cool! There is another pod where yo can keep wipes, binkies, diapers, anything you need! I love having a bag where I can keep everything separate and not be scrambling for my keys or my chapstick like a chicken with my head cut off haha

This bag truly is a must for moms who have already been down the road of struggling to maintain it all in one little bag! If you haven't already, head over to my Instagram and find out how you can enter to win one for yourself!

This post is sponsored by Pacapod, but all opinions and comments are my own.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Maternity photos and pregnancy tidbits!

Photos by Kali Poulsen Photography
Well, it's finally the end of my pregnancy and I realized the other day that I have hardly shared any fun facts or details about this pregnancy! I figured now would be as good as time as any to share a few things I experienced the 3rd time around and answer a few questions I've gotten through IG and Snapchat!

How did I find out I was pregnant?: This is a funny one cause we weren't trying at all, but I wasn't on birth control because I HATE birth control with a passion. It makes me crazy, so for all of our sanity it is just beat to stick to old school forms of birth control haha, anyway, with that being said, there was a small malfunction in our efforts (TMI) and we immediately knew there could be potential of me getting pregnant. I honestly put it in the back of mind though thinking there was just no way it could happen that easily. When I went to Colorado for Christmas I mentioned it to my sister and mom that MAYBE I could be pregnant but not likely. For the next two weeks I didn't really talk about it, but Scott would randomly tell me he knew I was pregnant. My period due date came and passed and I was still in denial! After being about a week late, I was at dinner with my neighbor girlfriends and they asked when I was gonna have another baby. I off handedly mentioned that maybe I already was and one of my friends (who was fully pregnant at the time) offered to give me a left over pregnancy test she had at home! That night I picked up her pregnancy test and when I got home the kids were in bed and Scott was watching tv in our room. I didn't even tell him I had a pregnancy test with me, and I just took it real fast like no big deal...seriously, so much denial. After two minutes I came back to a huge fat positive. I was shocked and walked out to Scott and without saying anything he simply said "we knew you were!" Hahahaha so that was that. Nothing romantic or exciting.

What symptoms did I have this time?: Right off the bat I started losing my hair, which was weird cause pregnancy usually makes your hair grow! For me though before I even took a test I was losing clumps and clumps of hair and it really freaked me out! That eventually stopped though. I started getting sick pretty quick, like week 5, like legit the day after I took the test I was feeling nauseous. I ended up being SO sick this time that it was difficult to keep anything down. I would throw up multiple times a day, to the point that I would pee my pants! Yikes right?? luckily the sickness only lasted till about 14 weeks. This time I've also had awful heartburn! I had zero heartburn with Ava, and some heartburn with William, but nothing like this. Even water causes heartburn and I have gone through several bottles of tums this pregnancy! Other than that I've been crazy tired this time, way more than either of the other kids. I'm anemic though while I'm pregnant so it's extra draining, but seriously this time there have been days I couldn't even get out of bed. It's been a little rough!

What is his name and how did we pick it?: So we aren't revealing his name publicly until he is born, but pretty much all our friends and family know. But if you have been paying attention you might have seen the R on his bedroom wall, so there is a little hint! For his name I let Scott totally pick it! I have never had a lot of boy names I liked, so when we used William we used pretty much the only boy name I had! The name Scott picked though is a name he has wanted since we got married but I never fell in love with it. For some reason this time when he mentioned it again, I started to like it, and I agreed! Now I love the name and Scott is super stoked that he got the name he loved!

How much weight have a I gained?: Honestly, I didn't want to know my entire pregnancy. I felt like it was so depressing last time, so everytime I got on the scale this time I got on backward and told the nurse I didn't want to know. Well they accidentally let it slip last visit, so I've gained a total of 34 pounds. This is my middle amount. I gained 32 with Ava, 34 with this one, and 40 with William.

What has been the best part?: Definitely feeling the baby move, that is always my favorite part. Plus in the 2nd trimester you look adorable!

What has been the worst part?: For sure being so sick during my first trimester. I felt so awful all the time that I told Scott one day that I didn't even remember what it felt like not to be sick. That is how constant it was.

Are we planning on having more kids?: We actually don't know! I've been asked this one a lot and to be honest it is really up in the air! We have never really decided on a final number of kids we want, we just have figured we would know when we felt like our family was complete! I personally don't want more than 4 for sure, and Scott feels like 3 might be the perfect number, but we don't know! We talk about it openly and we always say "if we have another baby..." so we will see! Just depends how we feel in a couple years!:)

Cravings?: My first trimester I craved Taco Bell, which I actually never craved again! I wanted any bread, especially sour dough. I also loved fake store mini cupcakes. My 2nd trimester I craved Jimmy Johns turkey subs and pork tacos from Rumbi. My 3rd trimester has been extra cheese and sausage pizza and Wendy's frosties! My entire pregnancy I have craved both blue powerade and lemon water. :)

I am super excited to meet this little guy! It's been a fun ride, but I am for sure ready to have him here!

Friday, September 2, 2016

The Nursery Reveal

Hi guys! I am so excited to finally share with you my nursery reveal for the boys! When I started this project I wasn't sure exactly what direction I wanted to go because I had never really created a true "boy" room before. When I had William, he shared a room with Ava and so it was much more of a gender neutral space. Once we moved into our house and they each had their own rooms, William's room stayed the gender neutral design, so this was a fun but kind of difficult task!
Toddler bed: Baby Mod (here) | Pillows: TJ Maxx & Homegoods | Dresser: DIY | Plant: Homegoods | Glider: c/o Dorel Living via Target (here and here | Nighttime Sky print: co/ Minted.com from designer Shirley Lin Schneider (here) Giraffe print and resin W: Hobby Lobby | Rug: c/o Lorena Canals (here)
Lamp: Target (old)| Wood basket: TJ Maxx | Mirror: Target (here)| Changing pad: Old from Babies R' Us | Bottles: Marshalls | Globe: Target (here)

I started with the colors I wanted to use. I knew for sure I wanted a royal/navy blue dresser with gold hardware. That was my first piece. This dresser was almost the death of me friends. There are very few dressers out there in the color I was looking for, in an affordable price range, so I decided to DYI this one. I found an old white dingy dresser on a yard sale site, and seriously this thing was gross! It was covered in several layers of tacky paint with awful glass pulls. Straight out of the 80's! I knew I had to revamp from scratch. I decided to do the dresser completely myself and not let Scott help at all, because I wanted to see if I could handle this project on my own being as pregnant as I was. I used a strong paint stripper with a scraper to get all the layers of paint off (don't worry, I used gloves, ventilated masks, and my open garage to work, so baby was totally safe!). Then I took an electric sander to the whole thing. This was for sure the longest part of the project. It took several days to get it fully sanded down to the original base. Once I finally had to bare, I painted it with a good quality primer that I had tinted purple so that it would not show through the dark blue paint. I waited 24 hours and then painted two even coats of Behr Marquee paint with sponge roller. I waited 24 hours between each coat before finally sponge rolling it with a polyacrylic top coat which helped seal it and take away that tacky feeling you get with a lot of latex painted furniture. For the knobs I ordered a set of silver pulls from Amazon and spray paint primed them and then spray painted them gold! Finally my DIY was over and I sighed a huge sigh of relief!

Now from there I looked for yellows, greens, and grays to compliment the blue. When I found the crib sheets on Pottery Barn Kids, I knew things were going in the right direction. Unfortunately this exact style of crib sheet is no longer available, but they have a lot of cute ones on clearance!
Toy Baskets: Old from TJ Maxx and Target| String Lights: c/o Bright Lab Lights (here) | Pillows: TJ Maxx & Homegoods | Crib sheet: Pottery Barn Kids (sold out but similar here)| Darling print: free from Bethany Menzel (here)| Elephant print, fern print, and resin R: Hobby Lobby | Lamp: IKEA (here)| Wood Basket: IKEA | Blanket: c/o Aden and Anais (here)| Crib skirt: Old from Target

During this project I had SO many amazing contributing companies who sent us the best pieces to pull everything together! Lorena Canals sent us this amazing washable rug in their Hippy Yellow! I loved the design and mostly the fact that unlike most rugs, you could throw this one in the wash and BAM! All clean again! That is obviously a must for a place like a child's room where stuff is constantly getting dirty! Plus the rug is crazy soft, so it is our favorite place to play with the kids with all their toys!

Another piece I loooooove is our print from Minted.com! I saw this art piece once day while searching for nursery art, and when I saw it would match the room I knew it had to be in there! Honestly it is probably my favorite piece of art in my home. The quality is amazing and the artist Shirley Lin Schneider did incredible. Not only that but Minted sent the piece totally framed and ready to go! Nothing I had to do but hang it on the wall!
Right underneath my favorite art piece is my favorite seat in the whole house! Dorel Living sent us this incredible Eddie Bauer swivel glider from Target, and oh my gosh you guys...it is SO comfy. The gray is a perfect shade to match the room and I love the white piping around the sides! I would be lying if I said that I didn't sit in there every single day just rocking in that glider. I love it that much. Seriously my kids won't even be around, and I'll just go in there and relax. I have always wanted a nursery glider but never pulled the trigger, so to have this in my home is an absolute dream! If you are in need of a glider, I can't recommend this one enough!
Gold wire shelf: Target (here)| Bookcase: IKEA | String Lights: c/o Bright Lab Lights (here)

While everything else went up, the room still felt a little bit bare to me. It needed a special something to brighten up the corner with the crib. I was so excited when Bright Lab Lights sent me a 48 ball string of lights in the colors that match the room! Bright Lab Lights is really fun because you can choose between 24 and 48 lights, and you can either pick a premade set from their site, or you can create your own with your own number and choice of colors! Putting those lights together and hanging them up was the final touch on the perfect room! I was so glad to have everything finally together and have this room complete!

Thanks for taking this nursery tour with me and letting me share this awesome space with you! Let me know what you think or if you have any questions! I again want to thank my amazing sponsors and contributes to this room! We couldn't have done it without you!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School with Famous Footwear

Does anyone else think it is just crazy that it's already back to school season?! I feel like this summer flew by way too fast! In fact, I've already seen Halloween products in stores. How is it going so quickly?? The summer just started right? I'm not going to lie though, it will be kind of nice to be back into a routine especially with the new baby coming, AND Ava is finally going to preschool this year! I'm a little bit sad but I am also so excited for her. She has always wanted to go to school so bad, and now she finally gets the chance! That's why I teamed up with Famous Footwear for their #Intheseshoes campaign! The first time at school is such a special experience for both the child and parents! I swooped up these amazing Nike's from Famous Footwear, and they will be perfect for running my baby girl back and forth to school! I will be so busy with the new baby and William at home, that I will need comfy shoes at pretty much all times! In these shoes I will drop my baby off at school for the first time, I will probably cry, and I will wonder how she got so big. In these shoes I will run to the grocery store with my other kiddos while Ava is off playing with her friends. In these shoes I will HOPEFULLY get in some exercise while Ava is off making new friends and learning to write her name.

Such big changes coming up. Back to school was always such a fun time for me growing up, a chance to start over, turn a new leaf, and start off on the right foot. I'm excited to see this fun time now through my kids eyes, and thanks to Famous Footwear we are well on our way! Also don't forget to stop by my Instagram and enter the giveaway Famous Footwear is hosting on my IG right now! It's your chance to win $100 gift card from them!
Shoes: c/o Famous Footwear (HERE) | Dress: Target | Jacket: Target (HERE)

**This post was sponsored by Famous Footwear. All opinions are my own.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bedroom reveal with Hayneedle and Willa Skye Home!

They say that your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and I can honestly say that my bedroom is mine! More than 2 years ago Scott and I upgraded to a king bed (which by the way was the best decision of our marriage, seriously you need one.) but it took forever after that to really complete the look of our room!

Especially when we moved to our house, we kind of focused all our efforts in to finalizing and decorating other more visible rooms of our home, leaving our bedroom on the back burner. So for the last 2 1/2 years our headboard has been the wall...yeah. Definitely did not look complete! That was until I hooked up with Hayneedle.com and they sent us the prettiest headboard ever!

I'm sure you have heard of Hayneedle.com , they offer the very best in home decor at amazing prices! Seriously you can find anything for your home from the dining room to bedroom. It honestly took me forever to pick a favorite headboard from their site because they have so many beautiful options at awesome prices! I finally narrowed it down to the Skyline Nail Button Wingback Linen Upholstered Headboard in Linen Talc. My home style is very clean and simple. I love the understated classy looks for all of my rooms, tying in lots of whites, creams, blues, and grays, so this headboard was the perfect addition for the route I was going! While the headboard is incredible quality, I think my favorite part is the nails all along the side of the headboard! I didn't want the headboard to be too busy, but I absolutely adored the subtle nailhead details. I fall in love more every time I walk in my room! My husband regularly says out of the blue, "our bed looks like an expensive hotel bed." Touché Scott.

I wanted my room to be very calming and light. I wanted it to feel comfortable and luxurious like a spa, but also share a little pattern. I was super excited when Willa Skye Home sent me their Deer Print Pillow in a custom lumbar size! I knew it would tie in beautifully with our faux fur blanket at the edge of our bed, and pull in the light teal/mint pillows behind it. The pillow itself is beautifully crafted and high quality! It fit my existing pillow like a dream and it's the perfect center piece to bring the whole look together!
For the rest of the look we used our existing side tables we got from Amazon! We decided to wait till our kids are a little older to invest in a really nice nightstand set because newborns and toddlers have put our nice furniture through it! We did spruce them up however by swapping out the regular silver pulls for decorative pulls through TJ Maxx! The switch was just enough to make them brand new again!

We already had the perfect silver lamps, but the lamp shades were gray...which didn't exactly mesh well. We found the perfect white linen lampshades courtesy of Target, and finally the room looked perfect! We are so incredibly excited about the room and we love going to sleep in it every night and waking up in it every morning! If you are trying to switch up your bedroom currently, or any room of your house for that matter, make sure you check out Hayneedle.com and Willa Skye Home like we did so you can create your own piece of paradise!

Headboard: c/o Hayneedle.com (HERE) | Quilt: Old from JC Penney | Mint pillows: Ikea (currently discontinued) | Deer Lumbar: c/o Willa Skye Home (HERE) | Lampshades: c/o Target (HERE) | Mirror: Target (HERE) | Plant, frames, decor, blanket, and flowers: TJ Maxx and Home Goods

Thursday, July 28, 2016

All things diaper bag with The Baby Cubby!

Hey guys! If you follow my on Snapchat you recently saw my tour of my brand new Little Unicorn Rotunda diaper bag! I am sort of a diaper bag junkie if you will. My husband makes fun of me pretty frequently about the number of diaper bags I have (I really don't think it is that many) but when you have a bag as functional but still fashionable as a mom, give me all the bags!!

When I saw the Rotunda diaper bag in Pomegranate I just knew it was perfect for my upcoming fall baby! The Baby Cubby was kind enough to send me this bag to review and share with you, and I was so excited! Never heard of The Baby Cubby? Well if you haven't then you are missing out! The Baby Cubby is for every parent out there who has ever felt overwhelmed or discouraged about becoming a parent. The Baby Cubby team is made up of parents who have been there, know what it’s like and are passionate about encouraging, inspiring, and reminding parents how amazing they are and how important their role is.
The way they do that is by finding the best and safest baby gear and providing it to parents in a fun shopping experience where they do things like test strollers on their awesome stroller track, price match everyday - even amazon, offer free shipping nationwide at BabyCubby.com and actively engage with parents via social media and their cubby community blog to discuss some of those hard topics of parenting.
Make sure you hop over there right now and see all the cool stuff, and awesome advice they have to offer!

Now when it comes to the diaper bag itself, aside from the color, I love how big and open it is! It's a deceivingly large bag! It looks much more sleek on the outside, but when you open it up, there is so much room! There are tons of pockets on the inside too. Ones large enough to hold even your biggest bottles (a struggle I have found before using other diaper bags). The inside is also wipeable, so you are not going to be trashing it just by using it like some regular purses you might use. My favorite thing about the bag though is that is comes with a matching changing pad that folds up and goes right in! It is so nice to have a diaper bag that has something as simple but as needed as a changing pad! All in all it's an absolutely GORGEOUS diaper bag that has the functionality of a diaper bag, with the sleek and chic design of a regular purse. I've gotten compliments every single time I have taken it out. If you are in the market for a new bag for your new babe, or just ready to upgrade to something a little more "you" than more "baby", then you can snag the Little Unicorn Rotunda bag right HERE.

Still need some guidance finding the perfect diaper bag for you? Well today is your lucky day because The Baby Cubby has a special "How To" on diaper bag buying just for you! Check it out right HERE!
Let me know if you have any questions, and I will be back soon for more exciting baby prep! xoxo

This post was sponsored by The Baby Cubby. All opinions and reviews are my own.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Living Room Reveal

Look who is back! It's been a while friends, it really has. I am super excited to share this reveal with you though, so I hope you love it! As many of you know who follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, we bought a home in November and we moved in around Thanksgiving! As much as I am a busy bee that loves to get everything done quick, with the holidays and then me getting pregnant so quick after moving in (and getting SICK!), I was much slower than I usually am getting everything put together! Luckily things have come together quite nicely and I am super excited about how it has turned out. Now we just need to imagine a bunch of baby gear everywhere in t-minus 2 months!
 photo IMG_7375_zpsgis9mrop.jpg  photo IMG_7534_zpsnqdts1p6.jpg  photo IMG_7372_zpsqa9uarv9.jpg  photo IMG_7371_zpsmlbcqkiy.jpg  photo IMG_7535_zpsxym97yts.jpg  photo IMG_7374_zps5u5xr8pi.jpg
Rug: RUGSUSA.COM | Couch: OLD | Coffee Table: Yardsale | Side Table: Home Goods | Lamp: Home Goods | Curtains: IKEA | Vase & flowers: TJ Maxx | Pillows: Etsy and HERE | TV console: Walker Edison | Baskets/ Plant/ Decor: TJ Maxx | Mirror: Target