Monday, June 25, 2012

The Birthday Splurge (and the giveaway winner)

First things first: we have our giveaway winner!

Congrats to Heather! Please e-mail me at

Thanks to everyone who participated! We will have another giveaway soon!

So with last week being my birthday and all I had some sweet sweet moolah from my parents to blow on pretty much anything I wanted (thank you dearest mommy and daddy). There was a lot of considering to do concerning this money. It wasn't actually my money, so I wanted to make sure I bought something I was really going to love. As you all know by now I also love a good deal, but when this shirt from J Crew had been visiting me relentlessly in my dreams, I felt obligated to adopt it onto my family of clothes. I was pretty hesitant though because it was a pretty penny. Far more than I usually would spend on a single shirt. But alas, I still felt the urge to throw my good judgement to the wind and just embrace it in all its 100% silk-ness. But most of all I couldn't get over how ADORABLE those anchors were. Are you kidding me?

So that's what I did. I bought it last Friday, and I am SO pleased. It actually ended up being an extra 30% off in the store, coming out to a not bad $48. I can do that. While I love to find the best deals out there, sometimes it's ok to splurge on something you really really want. Especially if it's a birthday present :)
Shirt: J Crew($48)|Skirt: Forever 21($22 here)|Shoes: Jessica Simpson @ Ross($24)|Bracelets: Forever 21(under $10)

Now looking online can sometimes be a very dangerous means of regret, because when you spend too much time online you find something very similar for much I did when I found this top (Here):

and this cardigan(Here):

Bummer...but you know what? Im still happy with my choice. But seriously tell me those anchors aren't just too cute. I want more.


  1. Gorgeous shirt! Love the red skirt, too!! :) Super cute!!

  2. so chic outfit. love the top.
    btw nice deal on the shirt.


  3. Your style is so chic! Where did you get your red skirt? I love your blog! You are definitely an inspiration. What other blogs do you follow? I'd love some feedback on my blog I just started. Thanks!

    1. thank you nicole! I got the red skirt at Forever 21, you can find the link to it under the pictures :) I will definitely check out your blog. thanks for reading!

  4. happy late birthday!! what a cute shirt! love it with the skirt!

  5. Hi! I just joined your blog (saw it on CaraLoren) :) Love this outfit! So cute! Love all things nautical/anchor this season! I have some anchor jewelry (some new and some vintage!) and a couple jackets with anchor details on the buttons (check out my blog to see some of it!) :)