Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School with Famous Footwear

Does anyone else think it is just crazy that it's already back to school season?! I feel like this summer flew by way too fast! In fact, I've already seen Halloween products in stores. How is it going so quickly?? The summer just started right? I'm not going to lie though, it will be kind of nice to be back into a routine especially with the new baby coming, AND Ava is finally going to preschool this year! I'm a little bit sad but I am also so excited for her. She has always wanted to go to school so bad, and now she finally gets the chance! That's why I teamed up with Famous Footwear for their #Intheseshoes campaign! The first time at school is such a special experience for both the child and parents! I swooped up these amazing Nike's from Famous Footwear, and they will be perfect for running my baby girl back and forth to school! I will be so busy with the new baby and William at home, that I will need comfy shoes at pretty much all times! In these shoes I will drop my baby off at school for the first time, I will probably cry, and I will wonder how she got so big. In these shoes I will run to the grocery store with my other kiddos while Ava is off playing with her friends. In these shoes I will HOPEFULLY get in some exercise while Ava is off making new friends and learning to write her name.

Such big changes coming up. Back to school was always such a fun time for me growing up, a chance to start over, turn a new leaf, and start off on the right foot. I'm excited to see this fun time now through my kids eyes, and thanks to Famous Footwear we are well on our way! Also don't forget to stop by my Instagram and enter the giveaway Famous Footwear is hosting on my IG right now! It's your chance to win $100 gift card from them!
Shoes: c/o Famous Footwear (HERE) | Dress: Target | Jacket: Target (HERE)

**This post was sponsored by Famous Footwear. All opinions are my own.

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