Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Maternity Photos

I am so excited to share with you my maternity photos done by the incredible Tracy Layne Portraits and were recently featured on Sweet Little Peanut (which was hugely flattering by the way). We recently collaborated on a shoot for her upcoming open house and with efforts behind blogger, photographer, and florist Flower Afternoon, I think we came up with some amazing shots. Sometimes being pregnant can make a woman feel very out of control of her body, and it can be hard to capture such a wonderful time fully when a woman might not feel her best. This really has been the case for me this pregnancy, so I was a little worried that I would look back on these photos and maybe not feel proud of them or feel like sharing them with everyone, but it was the COMPLETE opposite. Tracy had such a great eye for lighting, positioning, and letting Ava and I just do our thing. Ava was a wild banshee pretty much the whole shoot, but finally she decided to crawl up on the bed with me, and Tracy was able to capture some of the sweetest photos ever. I love them so much and will treasure them forever.

I wish I had known Tracy sooner, because her skills are beyond amazing. Professional photographs are extremely important to me, as I feel like these special moments in our lives come and go quickly and you never have that opportunity to recreate it again, so for me I am willing to splurge on a quality photographer for images that will last a lifetime. Tracy specializes in families, newborns, and maternity, which is obvious in how easy and effortless my session with her was. She knew just what to look for to make the perfect shot, make me feel beautiful, and best of all, was fabulous with Ava (which can be hard!) If you are trying to find a photographer and need suggestions, I would recommend Tracy Layne Portraits a million times over. Her hard work, attention to detail, and gorgeous studio are just a few of the reasons you will not be disappointed.

Also if you are a photographer yourself and are interested in improving your work, learning new tricks or skills, or are new to the business and want amazing advice and lessons from the best, Tracy also offers workshops that give you one on one time to learn from her, and trust me, you will want to learn from her :)She has one workshop coming up in St George on May 31st and one in SLC on June 7th, go to her site to contact her for an opening! Thank you again to Tracy and Flower Afternoon for the priceless shoot!


  1. Those pictures with Ava are heart-melting! I love all of these! And the dress is beautiful!

  2. Absolutely stunning! The 4th to last one of you looking down up against the wall should be hung somewhere in your home!!! !:) So beautiful!

  3. Love these! They're all so beautiful!

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