Monday, April 28, 2014

30 weeks in Hells Kitchen

Dress: Madeleine Maternity via Nordstrom Rack (buy here) | Wedges: Jessica Simpson (old- similar here) | Purse: Harper via Francesca's Collection (here) | Sunnies: H&M (similar here)

So I have had my eye on this amazing dress for about 3 months. I found it through looking for bloggers for work and found the site Madeleine Maternity! I had had had to have this dress, but the further along I got, the less I felt like Scottifer would approve of such a large clothing purchase at the end of my pregnancy. I had planned to buy it anyway this week, when something amazing happened. I made a trip to Nordstrom Rack to look for something completely different. While I was checking out the dress rack, I spotted something striped, and of course cause I love all black and white stripes, I pulled it out. At first I am not going to lie, I was stunned. It was the dress in my hand. The Hells Kitchen dress I had been lusting over for months was right there in my hands, in my size, and get this...only $40 dollars. I felt panic set in as I felt the need to make the mad dash to the dressing room. I wasn't sure what was going on, but I knew I had to get this dress before someone pried it from my clutches (for some reason I was crazy paranoid and was convinced everyone in the store was eyeing to steal my dress). I tried it on, it fit like a dream, and I literally did a pregnant jig out of the store. I was the happiest clam in the world. I tried to explain the magnitude of how life changing finding this dress was to the Mr. I explained that this was obviously an act of the heavens and I was meant to have this dress, cause why else would it be at this Nordstrom Rack, on this day I went, and only be in my in my size an not a single other one in the store? He was not as inspired. But now my $90 I was saving up for the dress can be used for something else, like a post pregnancy, you finally aren't pregnant, you can wear normal clothes, splurge. Does it get much better? I submit it does not.


  1. Omg this gave me a good laugh! I've totally gone through the same thing. There were these shoes I was wanting and they were still selling for like 150 at Nordstrom but one day I saw them in my size for 50 at the Rack...I snatched them up afraid someone might steal them from me haha! Love you blog!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you girl! You gotta do what you gotta do to snatch up those amazing finds!

  3. Those are always the best finds!! It's super cute! Love your style and your bump is adorable!!

  4. There is nothing better than holding out on buying something and being rewarded for it a few months later! And that dress is perfect! You can wear that so many different ways! I love it!