Monday, November 19, 2012

Ummm hi...

Sorry I have been wicked crappy about blogging the last few weeks. Life and all its busy, awesome, weird, unhappy, super happy, exciting, and crazy things happened. My apologizes.

Today I was on The Daily Dish again. LOVE doing that segment. The girls are awesome and so fun. It wasn't as nerve wracking this go around, maybe it's just cause I knew how chill it really is there. I was cool about it all until the guy who hooked up my microphone said to me "I just heard that right now there is 4 million viewers tuned in." Ummmmm exsqueeze me?

"Nah, just kiddin. I just like to see people's faces when I say that right before they go on."

Thank you for that and making me almost pass out! But anyway, it was such a fun time, like usual. I'll post a link for the video a little later.

Oh, and want to hear something kind of hilarious/kind of inappropriate? I was just greeted by my lovely baby girl as we walked up to me full blown chugging a bottle of strawberry lube she found on my nightstand...I can't help but laugh, and be grossed out.


  1. oh my gosh. strawberry lube!?? i'm rolling on the ground, morgan.
    this story is hysterical. i'm glad you shared it on your blog!

  2. ahhhh, that's awesome. and disgusting. :)

    xo - heather

  3. How exciting! You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)

  4. bahahah o my goodness how hilarious. and congrats on the segment! That's awesome!

  5. Your story jusy prompted me to move my strawberry lube to a safer place. Thanks. haha

  6. Hahahaha I just literally laughed out loud. The strawberry lube definitely needs a new spot ;)

    I wish I could see your segment. If you find a link, let me know!

  7. I love the white sweater you are wearing In the above picture. Mind sharing where you purchased it?

    I really enjoy your blog!

    1. Thank you! The sweater is from Forever 21! It's a waffle knit sweater and it was $22!