Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Latisse giveaway winners!!!!

Ok everyone! It is the moment of truth!!! Here are the 3 winners of our Latisse kits:
Congrats to Crystal, Lindsey, and Wendy! You will each be getting an e-mail shortly with instructions on how and where to pick up your kits!

Thank you again to everyone who entered:)

Can I just tell you how freaking excited I am for little Av-ie lou's birthday party this weekend?...

I'm pretty excited. I can't believe she is turning a year old. It hurts my heart a little.

I ordered these adorable invitations for her party, and I anxious to see how the rest of her party turns out!
ahhhh to have a toddler.


  1. Ahhh love the blog makeover! So pretty and sleek at the same time :)

    Life etc

  2. love your gorgeous blog! (new around here!) and love the invites!

    Helene in Between