Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Ava! ...& Scott too

Yesterday was my little baby's 1st birthday! It is really hard to not be emotional that my baby is really not a baby anymore. She is a full blown toddler. that means less snuggles, more walking(almost running!). Less needing me, more doing everything on her own. Less playing quietly with toys, more playing in EVERYTHING she is not supposed to be in.

I just can't believe it has been a year! It really has flown and I can remember that day so vividly. It really was the best day of my life (besides the day I married Scott). That may be due in part to the fact that I LOOOOOOOVE the hospital. Yeah, I hear that's weird. Oh well. You can read about my birth story HERE.

On Saturday we had her birthday party with a few close friends and family. It was such a fun time, although Ava acted like she didn't care for any of her presents. She also didn't understand whey she was getting so much attention, why she was being sung to, or how to eat her birthday cupcake.

I guess the party was really for me to put my party planning skills to the test. I threw a vintage circus themed party for her, and I loved the way it turned out.
Thank you to everyone who came!
Yesterday was Ava's real birthday AND Scott's too! Baby was born 4 minutes into her daddy's birthday. Presh huh? I took the day off of work and made Ava an awesome birthday breakfast of scrambled eggs and cinnamon sugar toast while Scott was at school.
Before heading off to work, we took Ava to McDonald's to enjoy her 1st Happy Meal. She ate every single nugget and fry. That's my girl! We dropped daddy off at work and then headed over to the mall to find a present for him.

Later that night we left Ava with Scott's sister Jessica and her husband and we went to dinner at Carino's out in West Jordan, followed by seeing Skyfall the new James Bond movie at The District. It was AWESOME might I add. I really don't care for action movies too much, nor James Bond movies in particular, but this one was amazing. It kind of reminded me of Dark Knight a little bit. Go see it!

I am so grateful for Scott and Ava, the 2 biggest blessings in my life. I am even more grateful that I get to celebrate the lives of both of them on the same day:)


  1. happy birthday to your little girl! kids do grow up so fast. glad to see that you document so much of the precious memories :)

  2. Ava is so precious - happy birthday! Looked like such a fun little soiree! :) Also, how stunning are you?! SO BEAUTIFUL!

    <3 The Daily Dani

  3. HAPPY birthday to your little girl. my daughter is just 3 days older than her :)