Sunday, August 26, 2012

Peplum + Gentry LOVE

I have been very slow to jump on the peplum bandwagon. You can also recall this happening with chambray as well, and as we all know, I now lurvs me some chambray shirt. Peplum though, just wasn't something I was sure about, but there was one thing I was sure about...if I was going to go with peplum, I was going to find the perfect shirt for me. So I have been rather picky on my hunt. I wanted to it be good quality, long enough, and be a good stretchy fabric. Well I found those all in this one shirt from Forever 21. Best part? Only $10.50! Hecks to the yeah! I think I have come to peace with peplum now, and pairing it with black and heels really gives it a classy chic feel. Plus the fact that it makes your backside look all cute and perky doesn't hurt either :)
Shirt: Forever 21($10.50 HERE)| Pants: TJ Maxx(old)| Necklace & Bracelet: c/o Gentry| Heels: Charlotte Russe($10)

Also can we just talk about this AMAZING necklace and bracelet I am wearing in these pictures? This was sent to me courtesy of Gentry jewelry along with some other lovely goodies that I am so excited to share with you this week! I am obsessed. OBSESSED. I was in so much love actually with each piece that they sent me that I was literally having anxiety over the perfect outfit to wear them with. So many options, so many. Plus gold is pretty much the love of my life. These pieces are really incredibly high quality, and honestly I am having a little love affair with the skulls bracelet. Like I might actually sleep with it tonight....
Ok maybe not, but I can't stress how much I love this bracelet. I'm really into skulls right now, not big bad bikers skulls, but pretty dainty skulls, and it's like they could read my mind. And at $14 who can say no to this adorable bracelet? You must check out their shop and all the other fabulous jewelry HERE. Plus they are offering free shipping on top of 30% off your order at checkout with the code GEN30.

Thank you Gentry! Check back this week because I will be doing a giveaway on one of their gorgeous necklaces and will be featuring other pieces from their collection! You don't wanna miss it:)


  1. I may be showing my age here......but I had a peplum wedding dress....and all my bridesmaids wore peplum dresses......and yes......they were in my wedding color. Can you guess what color? Yup! The same as the top you just bought. So yeah.....LOVE this shirt you got! Oh....and what a hot deal. Good one!

  2. so classy look. love that top.
    and yes that necklace is amazing!


  3. Gorgeous! Peplum totally suits you! And I'm loving your jewellery too :)

    Life etc