Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Life via Instagram

Shelly's baby shower
Ava being freaking cute
Bowling in Slat Lake with Craig and Stephanie
Ava modeling the latest in baby couture at Target
Lulu stands by herself now!!!
Jillian's baby shower, Pencil tests at Shelly's shower, and Miss Ashpee peeing on baking soda to see if her baby will be a boy or girl.


  1. I don't know how far North you're looking, but we really love the Falls at Hunter Pointe in Sandy. Last I heard, the entire complex was full but it doesn't hurt to check. Good luck!!

  2. Tim and I were driving around the other day and noticed a place called Jefferson School apartments. I haven't looked into them too much but they looked really nice and not incredibly old which is hard to find anywhere close to the U. They would probably be about a 10 minute drive to campus.

    1. AHHHHHHH hahaha Kelsey! That is actually the exact place I was talking about that we looked at that backed up to the probation office! They are nice though...SO FUNNY!