Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bedroom reveal with Hayneedle and Willa Skye Home!

They say that your bedroom should be your sanctuary, and I can honestly say that my bedroom is mine! More than 2 years ago Scott and I upgraded to a king bed (which by the way was the best decision of our marriage, seriously you need one.) but it took forever after that to really complete the look of our room!

Especially when we moved to our house, we kind of focused all our efforts in to finalizing and decorating other more visible rooms of our home, leaving our bedroom on the back burner. So for the last 2 1/2 years our headboard has been the wall...yeah. Definitely did not look complete! That was until I hooked up with and they sent us the prettiest headboard ever!

I'm sure you have heard of , they offer the very best in home decor at amazing prices! Seriously you can find anything for your home from the dining room to bedroom. It honestly took me forever to pick a favorite headboard from their site because they have so many beautiful options at awesome prices! I finally narrowed it down to the Skyline Nail Button Wingback Linen Upholstered Headboard in Linen Talc. My home style is very clean and simple. I love the understated classy looks for all of my rooms, tying in lots of whites, creams, blues, and grays, so this headboard was the perfect addition for the route I was going! While the headboard is incredible quality, I think my favorite part is the nails all along the side of the headboard! I didn't want the headboard to be too busy, but I absolutely adored the subtle nailhead details. I fall in love more every time I walk in my room! My husband regularly says out of the blue, "our bed looks like an expensive hotel bed." Touché Scott.

I wanted my room to be very calming and light. I wanted it to feel comfortable and luxurious like a spa, but also share a little pattern. I was super excited when Willa Skye Home sent me their Deer Print Pillow in a custom lumbar size! I knew it would tie in beautifully with our faux fur blanket at the edge of our bed, and pull in the light teal/mint pillows behind it. The pillow itself is beautifully crafted and high quality! It fit my existing pillow like a dream and it's the perfect center piece to bring the whole look together!
For the rest of the look we used our existing side tables we got from Amazon! We decided to wait till our kids are a little older to invest in a really nice nightstand set because newborns and toddlers have put our nice furniture through it! We did spruce them up however by swapping out the regular silver pulls for decorative pulls through TJ Maxx! The switch was just enough to make them brand new again!

We already had the perfect silver lamps, but the lamp shades were gray...which didn't exactly mesh well. We found the perfect white linen lampshades courtesy of Target, and finally the room looked perfect! We are so incredibly excited about the room and we love going to sleep in it every night and waking up in it every morning! If you are trying to switch up your bedroom currently, or any room of your house for that matter, make sure you check out and Willa Skye Home like we did so you can create your own piece of paradise!

Headboard: c/o (HERE) | Quilt: Old from JC Penney | Mint pillows: Ikea (currently discontinued) | Deer Lumbar: c/o Willa Skye Home (HERE) | Lampshades: c/o Target (HERE) | Mirror: Target (HERE) | Plant, frames, decor, blanket, and flowers: TJ Maxx and Home Goods

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