Tuesday, July 2, 2013

You should know & the Father's Day winner

First things first, you may have noticed that The Dime Diary is now Allen & Company. It was a hard decision that I made very quickly. I am ready to incorporate my family back into the blog more, and the perfect place to start is with the name! I named it Allen & Company for the obvious reason that we are the Allen's and you are our company! Sorta silly, but I love it:) I hope you love it too! The domain name is now: www.allenandcoblog.com and my blog sort of re-launch has fueled my spark to start doing more posts for you guys again! You will still see the outfits posts, and lifestyle posts, but now with more of my family! I am even going to start doing more hair tutorials, and I have had a few people ask for makeup tutorials, so I will be sharing those too!

Anyway, if you are a big blog stalker, you may have seen these going around and I thought I would share it with you so you can learn a little more about me! So here goes:

1) What's your go-to beauty product and why?

I like to put it this way, if I was stuck on a deserted island and could bring only one beauty product with you, what would it be? (chapstick already included). The answer is easy! Mascara! Mascara makes my life and face feel complete. If I step out without mascara, I feel NAKED! I have recently hit the jackpot of mascaras and I hope to share that with you soon:) Speaking of chapstick though, it is also a very close runner up to mascara. I cannot stand my lip feeling dry, and I have been known to emergency buy a chapstick if I am out without it. Tight lips drive me nuts! i recently have been obsessed with Rose Salve and mint EOS.

2) Who is your role model or go-to person that you can tell anything to?

I feel like my husband is the obvious answer. He is my ultimate best friend. I love to do everything and anything with him and he is my favorite person to spend time with. Besides having an amazing best friend Ashley who is also obvious, my mom is my role model. I have always loved my mom, but she is seriously like my best friend now. There is not a single day that goes by that I don't talk to her. I call her just to ask her what she is doing and can sit on the phone with her for hours. I also secretly love it when she calls me crying to vent about her horrible day. Her being sad doesn't make me happy, but I love that she loves to just chat with me about everything and feels like she can tell me whatever she wants just like a best friend. I love my mom too much.

3) Do you have a favorite national or cultural holiday?

Well look at the timing on this! I seriously love the 4th of July. I don't know why, but I just love the smells, the BBQ's, the dressing up, the parties with family and friends, and the firework. Who doesn't love a nation wide party in the middle of summer? Also I have a very special place in my heart for Halloween. I love getting scared and scary movies, and I love an excuse to dress up:) Perfect combination to me. I am also partial to Christmas, but who isn't?

4) What's your go to lazy day 'outfit'?

I'm gonna be honest with you here. I love to be naked as much as possible in my life. So I would probably say being stark naked is my "lazy day" outfit. you know Tobius Funke from Arrested Development? Yeah, the never-nude? Soooo I would be the exact opposite of that. Since my babe is too young to have any clue, and hubby sure doesn't mind it either, I take advantage of streaking around the house every opportunity I can. It is seriously nothing sexual, for me actually it is not sexual at all, I just HATE to wear clothing!! I feel totally free and content if I am not restricted by clothes. Yeah that is pretty weird but oh well. IF I have company coming over I will throw on a robe, and then just huff and puff about how I can't just be a nudist colony. Sadly Ava is getting older fast and my nude lazy days are coming to an end quick. I'm not about to be "that" mom ;)

5) What's a personal trial that you've had to overcome?

One of the biggest trials I have had to deal with in my life was being teased growing up. Kids never understand how much they words can cut to the core of a person and during those very important growing time in their lives, mean words can completely shape a child's self confidence. I had quite a few friends in elementary school, but by the time I hit middle school, I found myself with a mouth full of braces, barely the size of a 9 year old, with no boobs, and I wasn't allowed to wear make-up yet. Not to mention my mom had to buy our clothes at goodwill during this time. That combination left me teased mercilessly by both boys and girls. All I wanted was friends and no one would touch me with a 10 foot pole. Classmates would tell me to "go kill yourself", "you look like you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down", and they would stick gum in my hair and try to trip me. In 7th grade I boy I had a huge crush on asked me to be his "girlfriend" and I was so thrilled cause I could not believe he noticed me! After one week, he broke up with me in front of his friends and started laughing saying that he was dared to date me by his buddies, and if he made it a week, they would pay him. I was so heartbroken my entire middle school experience and for years it was hard for me to just be comfortable being me, but now I feel like I have taken that bad situation and learned how to be a confident person and not let anyone push me around. I don't let people put me beneath them and I have grown to love myself regardless of what anyone thinks of me. It was hard for those years, but those mean kids taught me so much about being strong and sticking up for who you are!

6) what's one thing you want more than anything in this world?

I want my children to have a happy life. i know we are in very difficult times and it will only get worse, but seeing them happy and successful would make me happier than anything else in life.

So there is a little but more about me that maybe you didn't know! Not that you needed to learn anything about me:)

Oh yes! I almost forgot, here is the winner of the Spa Trouve Laser Hair Package:

Please email me for the information! in the meantime I am going to be gone for the next week to visit my family in CO for the 4th of July, but you can keep up with my adventure on Instagram @morgansallen

See y'all soon!


  1. I am loving the new blog, mama! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve :)

  2. i cannot believe the bullying you put up with! holy cow. that is so upsetting. but look at your now!! you're absolutely gorge and you have a beautiful life with your beautiful family. sending my love :)