Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Latest Happenings

It's been a long time since I have posted about what is going on round these here parts. It's been hard to find 2 seconds in between work and Young Women's and Ava, and husband. I feel like I am running around all the time! I like being busy though:)

A couple weeks ago I took a personal break to take care of a medical procedure. In the meantime I was taking a medication for help me heal (it was a steroid). Never had to use those before, and about a week after I stopped it, my face started to get really bumpy and I broke out in this flaky weird rash. My face was so tight and bright red! It was like a got a sunburn all over my face! I couldn't wear makeup or anything! Not to mention my face was on FIRE. It felt like someone poured acid all over my face and I couldn't even cry because my tears would burn it more. After 3 miserable days I went to the dermatologist and they informed me that I had a rare reaction to the medication that only 1 in 10,00 people would get. Apparently I had steroid induced Rosacea. It was not rosacea, but acted similar to it. I was told that if I didn't go on an anti-biotic then it would take several months to clear up on its own. I was extremely glad to have some answers at least. My skin has been slowly healing, and some days are worse than others, like if I eat spicy foods or take a hot shower it will flare up. I can't wait for this to be gone for good! Any of you out there suffering from real rosacea, kudos to you, because this has been seriously no fun.

In the meantime Ava has been filling my days with new adventures. She is fireball I'll tell ya what. The terrible two's have already crept up on that baby and she is manifesting her independence in way I never expected. She has figured out how to climb onto the kitchen chairs, which then leads to her crawling on top of the table. If I take her off...blood curdling screams, kicking, and throwing herself to the floor. I can't help but laugh sometimes about how ridiculous she is acting just over not being able to stand on the table. Even last night I went to dinner with a couple girlfriends from work, and after spilling my lemonade all over her dress, by the end of the night we was only in diaper, shoe-less, and trying to rummage through the trash cans at Cafe Rio. Misery taking her to dinner.

Ava also has learned how to take off her diaper. That has been a real treat. We will wake up in the morning to her diaper-less and pee all over her crib. We quickly got wise and started putting her to bed with pants on every night. She figured out how to get her pants off. That was the greatest too when I heard her squealing and jumping up and down in her crib during her nap time. I went in to get her up and she had gotten the pants and diaper off and painted a mural for me all over everything in her room. Lucky for Scott he was at work, and I got to bust out the bleach all by myself. These experiences as of late have kind of sealed the deal on me wanting to wait for a little while to have another baby. I think I'm ok with my one for right now:)

Scott and I have been much more seriously putting thought towards buying a house. It's hard right now because he is still in school and we don't really want to settle down in Utah, so buying a home right now would be kind of a waste until we know exactly where we want to end up, but we are ready to take make the big move to a home. I would love to move to Texas, or maybe back to Colorado, but with with how much I love my job, and depending on what kind of job offers he gets after graduation, staying in Utah for a while is starting to become more and more a possibility. So if we are going to stay here for many more years, a house all our own is going to be our next step. Either way, we are preparing financially to make that decision here in maybe the next year. It's kind of a huge decision, and I am hoping that a year will give us enough time and planning to make the right choice.

Well that is all for right now. I will be back soon because I some really really awesome sponsor pieces I want to share with you!

Oh yeah, and Ava has a new favorite word...cow. I she says it over and over and over. Instead of everything being baby now, everything is a cow. Luh dat sweet baby girl.


  1. We have been in the same limbo about buying a house. Job wise we will probably be here at least a few more years but we are both itching to get out of Utah! I just hate throwing away money on rent. :( Choices.. choices... :)

  2. Hi! Just found your blog! Glad to find another colorado blogger ;) I was raised in Evergreen and Parker mostly, now living in Fort Collins. You have a great blog! Have a great weekend!

  3. Visiting and now following via GFC and I will get over to Instagram shortly.

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  4. Oh gosh I hope my son does not figure out how to take his diaper off...I'm gagging just thinking about it!!

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