Friday, March 1, 2013


So if you read here often, you probably noticed some changes that have happened recently. Most obvious being the design. I am very happy with how clean and organized everything is now, and I think it goes hand in hand with a couple other things changing round these parts.

I have honestly put off writing this post for a long time, due in part to the fact that I was not sure what to say or if what I was going to say was the right decision, but now I am confident in my choice and ready to make the changes that I have been considering for some time.

When I started blogging (a long time ago when I first got married) it was only about my life with Scott, and in fact it was a completely different blog. In March of last year I thought up starting a "budget friendly fashion blog" that would be purely dedicated to showcasing awesome finds on a modest budget. Over the last year my blog has grown SO much, and with it fast approaching a quarter million views, I can honestly say how appreciative I am of all the readers who love my blog, and letting me share all of this with you. I have loved blogging, and I am so grateful to my supporters who helped me keep this going. But recently I have felt somewhat constrained by the current focus of my blog.

With me being a stay at home mom, and no job to keep me preoccupied during the day, I started writing and posting about clothes, but at this point in my life it isn't my top priority. I have an amazing job that keeps me as busy as can be. I have a gorgeous baby girl who is growing each and every day and I don't want to miss a minute, and I have a hot husband who I just want to cuddle and talk to every minute that he is home.

I want to keep doing what I think is fun, so I am shifting the focus into whatever I feel like writing about. I want to focus more on my family, friends, goals, and things that make me happy. Those come first no matter what! I hope all my readers understand the decision that I made. I will still do some giveaways and outfit posts every now and then, so if you want to, stick around :)

I don't know how The Dime Diary is going to grow from here on out, but I am happy with whatever comes from it<3


  1. Blogs always change and grow which is what makes them special and unique. I will still read!

    XO Jenna @ demure in diamonds

  2. I love the new look!

  3. Great decision! I blog about whatever makes me happy too with an outfit post here and there. It has to be a balence. I actually fasted from all social media for a month, in December and when I came back I felt a lot less pressure to get outfit posts up etc. just do what u love and cherish what matters most! Hugs

  4. It's great that you want to expand and grow your focus! Our lives are constantly evolving, so it is only natural that our blogs do, too. We should be fulfilled by this journey, and staying stationary won't get us there. The new design and direction are lovely!

  5. Good for you, do whats right for your family. Spend time with your precious girl! :)

    xo Steph at

  6. Morgan girl!

    One thing I know for sure is that when you follow your light, your light will lead you to the right direction and can NEVER lead you astray! I support you, mami!


  7. So happy I found your your blog :)! Can't wait for you to get back from your break so I can see more!!