Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blue Bird Bride giveaway

Well hello there ladies! Long time no see! I'm super excited to get an outfit post up for you today after what seems like FOREVER! I also am debuting my new hair, which is obviously black! I love dying my hair black in the fall/winter, even though it makes me look a little ghostly I think I can pull it off. Black is kind of harsh and is hard to do well, and it makes me feel happy that I can rock such a dramatic color! Also let me start by saying that I hate dark green. I hate it. Maybe it is because my first car in high school was a hunter green geo prizm that I LOATHED with every fiber of my being; but something weird happened while I was in Colorado. I bought 2 hunter green pieces of clothing!? This shirt, and an AMAZING Guess peacoat (which by the way is actually supposed to now be my Christmas present:(...darn it.) My mom was shocked. I was shocked.

I think I am having a small affair with hunter green...except green cars. You still suck.

Shirt:Marshalls($14.99)|Jeans: Lucky Jeans at Down East Outfitters($7)|Shoes: Old-Jessica Simpson at Ross|Necklace: Forever 21($8.80)|Belt: Ross(old)

Now that I am done rambling about my love/hate relationship with a certain color, it is time to announce the winner of the Gentry earrings:
Congrats Ashley! You will love these adorable earrings!

Thanks to everyone who participated, if you didn't win, you are in awesome luck because I have yet another incredible giveaway! This week I hooked up with Blue Bird Bride, and she has extended a $20 gift certificate to ONE lucky Dime Diary winner!

Blue Bird Bride has the most adorable jewelry ever, and even has some of those adorable bubble necklaces if you haven't scooped one up yet! This $20 gift certificate can go towards anything from the shop that you like, so take a look around, pick something you love, and enter to win that bad boy! Here are a few of their most popular items!

Enter below to win! As usual makes sure that you are public follower of The Dime Diary via GFC! If you want extra entries make sure you "like" Blue Bird Bride on Facebook and if you have an Etsy, go over and heart this girls awesome shop! a Rafflecopter giveaway This giveaway will last until October 15th! Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see one of you lucky girls get some beautiful jewelry:)


  1. You look beautiful! I love your hair.

  2. Newest follower here! Great outfit post--I love that green shirt! I just did an outfit post too!

  3. Love the new hair! I dyed my hair black not too recently as well. I have naturally black hair, but had colored my hair previously so it was growing out anyways. Love the top!

    1. thank you! You must get a green top. I seriously love!

  4. Ok your gorgeous!! You look great in that color! We have same hair and eye color, I think I need to get a shirt that color now! :) LOVE it!

  5. Your hair looks great, and honestly I LOVE that color green on you!!!!

  6. My hair is dark brown naturally, and I need to dye it, but I always get told that the color is too dark for my skin. After seeing your pictures and how amazing your hair looks, I think I might go for it. I also love your green shirt. I will have to be on the lookout for one.

  7. You are seriously gorgeous! I love the outfit