Friday, October 5, 2012

A trip to the ER

This first week home from my trip has already been action packed due to our little Ava adventurer. This week we have been packing everything to get ready for our move next week and it looks like a bomb exploded in our house, stuff is everywhere!! On Wednesday Ava climbed up on top of her newborn bouncer that was next to our table, lost her balance,and smacked her head on the corner of one of our kitchen table chairs.

Goose egg was instantaneous.

After about 5 minutes of crying Ava seemed pretty much back to normal. That was until I woke her Thursday morning to her covered in puke in her her crib. It was terrible! Throughout the rest of the day she seemed unbalanced, and more sleepy than usual. Scott came home early from school and we took her to the doctor.
They checked her pupils and her vitals and said she looked fine and sent us home.

I headed to work last night and she slept most of the time. Once I got home, Scott and I went in to check on her, and she stood up in her crib and vomited all over me! At this point we were pretty concerned. Hubby and I had a movie date planned already and my sister-in-law Ember and her boyfriend Clark had come over to babysit. We were really up in the air on whether we want to take her to the ER, but decided to wait it out. We went to the movie, and the entire time I was so uncomfortable and worried the whole time that I actually threw up myself from worry! After we got out of the movie at midnight, I still have a feeling we should have her checked out again just to be sure.

So when we got home we woke Ava up and headed over to the hospital. This visit was actually the shortest ER visit I have ever experienced, which was nice. Only 3 hours! They needed to make sure that sweet Av didn't have any swelling in her brain or trauma by doing a CT scan. It was a little scary for me as a momma because they told me that because she was so little, they needed to sedate her so she would be still for the scan, and that they needed to keep her there for 2 hours extra to watch her and make sure she wakes up and her vitals don't drop and they have to administer oxygen. I'm not gonna lie...I pretty much lost it at that point. I'm sure all you mommas out there understand the fear you have for your children, and I was so sad at the thought of her being sedated!
trying to chew off her admittance tag

Luckily they decided that I could try to put a vest on and hold her down in the machine during the scan instead of putting her to sleep. They weren't sure if it would work, but we tried it! It was SO sad to watch her get strapped to the table, and her head be wrapped and taped to the table. She was terrified and I felt horrible cause I had to hold her down as she screamed! I tried to talk to her and sing to her, but it really didn't help. Luckily they were able to get the scan between cries, which was awesome! I was so glad that she didn't have to be sedated:) The scan came back fine and the doctor informed us that she had a minor concussion that should heal itself within the next few days. I was extremely relieved!

Daddy and Ava snoozing when I got home from work

Today Scott and I have taken turns watching Ava and taking naps to catch up on our sleep since we didn't get home till almost 3 am! Even though visiting the ER was probably the last thing I wanted to do last night, I am extremely grateful that my sweet little girl is ok and it was nothing serious! Better to be more cautious than to not be cautious enough!


  1. How scary! I am so glad litle Ava is ok!!!

  2. So glad she is okay! How horrible and scary. It's amazing what a little tiny person can do to our hearts. It's SO huge! A mamma's love for her little one that is. ; )

  3. That's terrifying :( so so happy that she's okay.