Friday, September 21, 2012

these are few of my favorite things...and the giveaway winner

First things first! One lucky girl was randomly chosen by Rafflecopter to win the Amber necklace from Linz Gutz Jewelz! Here she is!

Congrats Amie!!! Please email me within 24 hours to redeem it! Thank you to everyone who participated, and don't be discouraged that you didn't win this time, I have yet ANOTHER awesome giveaway I will be posting tomorrow from our awesome friends at Gentry again! Stay tuned!

In the meantime I wanted to share some of my favorite products as of late. Hopefully you fall as madly in love with them as I am.

1. Skinceuticals- LHA Cleansing Gel, Micro-exfoliating scrub, LHA Solution(Toner), and Blemish and Age Defense

So since I started working for Elase I have turned into somewhat of a skincare snob. I have always taken pretty good care of my skin...ok that's a lie. When I was in college I would stay out super late, sleep in my makeup, not wash it off in the morning, and then reapply more when I woke up...and honestly my skin was freaking awesome. I hardly ever broke out. But then I heard that not washing your makeup off at night will cause you to age faster, so I started washing off all my makeup at night about 5 years ago, and all hell broke loose. You know how they say to 10 year olds "don't start wearing makeup too soon! It will cause you to break out and then you can never NOT wear it!" Well the same thing happened here. Washing my face was my "makeup to the 10 year old" if you will. Ironic huh? Well anyway, since working at Elase I have been introduced to the finest of fine, the caviar of skincare, and I am loving.every.bit. Truth be told, this little system here will cause quite the dent in your pocket, but with the results I am having, they can charge me whatever they want for this liquid gold.
It is a little stressful on the skin right off, but you start to get used to it, and after about a week, your skin looks smooth as a baby's bottom. You are welcome to stroll into your local Elase and check these treasures out. Your welcome.

2. TIGI Catwalk Salt Spray
So my dear neighbor Katey introduced me to this sweet little lady. I am always on the hunt for a good volumizing hair product, and after finding out I was allergic to Paul Mitchell products, I have been a little on the leery side about putting too much in my hair. But the other day while we were hanging out I noticed that her hair looked especially bouncy and full. I asked her the magic secret and she pulled out this, and she sent me home with it to try out myself. SWOON. If the smell doesn't make you just want to wear it as a perfume regardless of what it does for hair, then you are not my friend. It is probably the best smelling hair product I have ever had the pleasure of smelling. Now on to what it does. I spray a little in wet hair before I blow dry, and then after it is dry I spray some on the ends and through the middle. It adds a little texture and definitely some height. Now, but careful not to overdue it, which can happen really easy with this product. Think of it like hair oil...less is more. Otherwise your hair is dirty and build-upy by day 2. Not cute, but done right, this is the stuff luscious hair is made of. I picked this up at Ulta!

3. MAC Nymphette Lipglass
The other day I took a day trip down to Nordstrom with my besets friend Ashley, where we both got some new lip glosses. I got Nymphette. Sure it is significantly smaller than its other MAC lipgloss counterparts, but I think it makes up for that in the beauty of the color! It is a really gorgeous rosey pink with gold in it. I think the color is pretty unique and I have enjoyed using it so far. It is definitely one I will keep using, and one I think you should try! Fun fact: My husband refuses to kiss my with lipgloss. He thinks the stickiness is disgusting and thinks that all lipgloss is of the devil. Silly Scotty! Don't you realize that lipgloss on my kisser is what drew you in the first time. Duh!

Have an awesome Friday night y'all!