Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guest Posting!

Hey guys! So I'm heading out to Colorado on Wednesday to visit my family, and I'm extremely excited! I always love a visit to my favorite state, and not to mention see my amazing parents and sisters. I really can't wait! With that being said, I know I'm going to be pretty busy while I am there, and won't be able to update too much. I'm really going to try, but I'm looking for a couple awesome blogging ladies to fill my spot while I'm gone!!!

I am looking for about 3-4 girls, and the theme will be "your favorite outfit!" So if you are interested please send a picture of you in your favorite outfit and a link to your blog to no later than Tuesday evening and you might be guest posting here this/next week! This is a great opportunity to get some traffic/exposure to your blog free of charge:) I'm excited to see what you've got!

In other news, the giveaway I planned to put up yesterday, I decided to wait till Wednesday (the day I leave) to put it up. That way it will be over just in time for me to get home! So I will for sure be posting it on Wednesday.

So today was a pretty lazy day for us, Scott got some studying/homework done (I'm so proud of that hardworking boy), and I did some client organizing for work. Then this afternoon we headed over to the Riverwoods to see Chalk the Block! It officially ended yesterday, so none of the artists were there today, but it was still really cool to see all the artwork! Some of it was really amazing! Here are a few of my favorites and some pics of us hanging out:
my outfit: Shirt: Forever 21(old)|Leggings: Forever 21($5.80)|Boots: Charlotte Russe($2 for $40-last fall)


  1. Love your blog. Found you on Clothed Much.
    New follower for sure! Follow me back via GFC?

  2. I am so glad I found your cute blog on the MFB list...I'm now following along! So this is pretty random...but I was at the Riverwoods that day and you walked by (I obviously didn't know who you were at the time) and my friend said she liked your outfit. Then I was like "Yeah it's cute, I have that shirt in's from Forever 21". Haha, kinda weird right?
    Modern Modest Beauty