Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This one time I made my own doughnuts

Sorry for my absence the last couple days everyone! I would normally have a good reason for not posting for a while, but this time I don't. But you wanna know why I haven't? It's because I'm tired of summer. LAME excuse I know, but just hear me out for a minute! I am SO. UNBELIEVABLY. READY. FOR. FALL. I capitalized all that for a reason, because I mean it. I feel like so many people (including myself) complain about how they can't wait for summer to get here, and then in the last month of summer we complain about how we can't wait for fall!

But lets be honest with ourselves here, Fall really is the best season ever. At least for fashion. And when you have modesty in mind as well, welllll summer can get pretty old pretty fast with a limited selection of clothing. So that is why I haven't put up any outfits in a few days. I'm pretty much ignoring my closet as of late, loathing all my summer clothes and just wishing it was about 40 degrees cooler so I could wear my sweaters, leggings, and boots.

Oh yeah, I also may have been wearing sweats everyday so far this week. That too I guess. But I'll do something tomorrow. Pinky promise.

But in the spirit of no longer giving a crap what my summer body looks like (thank you soon to be flowy fall wear) I thought I would show you what I made tonight:

Beautiful huh?

So I saw this picture on Pinterest and it looked A-M-A-Z-I-N-G so I thought I would take a whack at it. One problem though...I couldn't find a recipe for it anywhere. The Pinterest picture had no link back to where it came from, and after nothing coming up on google I decided to still brave it and see if I could just make it up as I went along.

I mean the picture seems pretty much self explanatory, and contrary to what my mom believes, I actually am a really good cook/baker. Every time I tell her I made something delicious she always says "Since when did you become so good at cooking??" and then I have to remind her that just because I never helped cook when I lived at home doesn't mean I'm not a bad-a in the kitchen. And then she reminds me of the ONE time she asked me to start a roast by filling the crock pot with water and just putting the roast in...and I forgot to put the roast in the crockpot, so we came home from church to fully cooked pepper water. Every time without fail I'm reminded. I can't win. Anyway...

So here is what I bought: one can of Pillsbury Homestlye Original Biscuits. That's it. I already had tongs, sugar, and vegetable oil. Once I got home I quickly realized i had yet another problem...the little holes...how do you make them? What is this hole punching device in the picture? I didn't own one, my neighbor Kristy didn't own one. So I came up with the best alternative I could find, a wine (or should I say Martinelli's) flute from my cupboard. I'm a crafty one I am! It worked like a perfect little cookie cutter :)
So here is what I did next. I filled up a skillet about 1/8th of the way up with vegetable oil and put it on low/medium (don't let the oil boil!!!! you will hate your life!!!!) Then I took 2 at a time and CARFEULLY laid them in the oil with the tongs. I let them bubble up and brown until they were rising and golden and then flipped them over to the other side.
Once done I picked up one at a time and rubbed them into a plate of melted butter, and then immediately put in onto a plate of white sugar, coating it on both sides.
Then I ate them. And Scott ate them. And we were happy. And full. And now I am drinking a sprite because I feel like throwing up because I ate too many. But the important moral of this story is...they were incredible, and you need to make some now. You're welcome, or I'm sorry.


  1. Hahaha! I love the way you wrote this. So care free and awesome.

  2. I am so with ya on the wishing for Fall to be here, so the best part of my wardrobe can get used!

    P.S. Awesome donut idea!

  3. well i am not tired of summer. i just can't be.. :)but i do understand u about summer clothes..
    oh my, how i love doughnuts!
    can u believe that people in spain don't know how to make them! hm.. :)


  4. I have to agree about fall. It is by far my favorite season.