Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Look for Less Thursday!

It's been a while since I have done a look for less spot, and I think its a good time considering I have some great picks for you today!

So a little while ago I got what I thought was a good deal on some super cute buys at Francesca's Collections. I had been trying to find a good polka dot top that I liked, and had no luck until I found this one at Francesca's:

You can get this HERE for $34, but mine was the last one in store and was missing the bottom button, so I got it for $22...there was an extra button attached in a pouch on the tag, sooooo really all I had to do was sew on the new button and I got more than 10 bucks knocked off. I'll take it.

2 days later I found this very similar top at Forever 21!
You can get this one HERE for only $11.50!!!

In that same trip to Francesca's I got this ADORABLE ADORABLE AMAZING dress for $44.
Those look like polka dots, but they aren't! You gotta go to the website HERE to see it in better detail. I liked the uniqueness of the dress and figured it would be hard to find somewhere else.

Until I found this at Forever 21!
Different pattern obviously, but the cut and shape is almost exact! I know cause I tried it on! Plus the material they used in this dress is actually finer quality than a lot of stuff they usually use at Forever 21. Can you believe it's only $15.80!? You can get it HERE.
All of these choices are pretty cute. And whether you opt to spend a little more, or spend a little less, you will look adorable either way! I'm pretty pleased with this weeks look for less finds. Let me know what you think! Have a great night everyone! :)


  1. So I was intrigued by your Francesca's dress. Now I'm lusting for it. How stinkin cute! I have to say, while I love a good deal, that sweet little zipper on the back sold it for me! We might have to do a twins post one of these days : ) lol

  2. THEY'RE SOLD OUT! Boo! Scratch the twins post lol :)

    1. are you serious??? they weren't last night when I put it up!!!! DARN IT! maybe they still have some in stores:(

  3. LOVE polka dotted anything! I like the first one a lot - anything I can wear to work AND on the weekends is a big draw.