Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Jean Vest: 2 ways to wear it!

Hi Ya'll! Hope everyone is having a marvelous Wednesday, just think...the week is half over. Isn't the amazing? Tomorrow the Mr. has the day off (like we really need one) and I am so excited. We don't really have any plans, but I think an all day cuddle sesh might be in order.

Anyway I wanted to share with you today 2 different ways to wear the jean vest trend. I was hesitant to get a jean vest, it has been a while since I have worn a jean jacket, and I can't believe they are back in style! That's good I guess though, cause I was always a secret lover of the jean jacket. I was even more excited considering I HAD jean jacket left over from when I was like 19! Bad news though? didn't come anywhere close to fitting. WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. I was a little crushed. Hopes and dreams dashed a little. Dramatic. No big deal. So I picked up the pieces and moved on to better things, a jean vest thing to be exact.
So what to do with it? Hmmmm possibilities are endless I suppose when you can pretty much wear your jeans on the top half of your body. (Im a firm believer in the idea that jeans are and always be the new black. They are the better than black to me. Because everything, and I mean EV-ER-Y-TH-IN-G goes with jeans). So what did I do? Well thanks for asking! I will show you!

I decided to do 2 totally different styles with my jean vest. I dubbed it "Sweet and Sassy" today. Also right after that, the fact that I named my outfits riddled me with shame. I'm obviously super cool if I spend my days coming up with catchy outfit names for my blog.

Moving on!

So here is the sweet version if you will:
Dress: Limited(thrifted&old-$10)| Vest: Papaya($14)| Wedges: Charlotte Russe($4.99)

I paired my vest with a white dress because nothing says sweet like a white dress! I also paired it with my yellow bubbled necklace to give it a dressier feel. Then I finished it off with my new gingham wedges.

Next I did my "sassy" version:
Top: H&M($5)| Vest: Papaya($14)| Skirt: Forever 21($12.80)| Boots: Ross(old-$16.99)

Today I decided that stripes and cheetah print go together. I think it works, and then I finished it with my western boots (pretty much because they were still not unpacked from taking them to Texas for Jess' country wedding).

And there you go. 2 totally different but very easy ways to wear a jean vest! Now go out and get one if you don't have one already!!!

On a final note...Ava has decided she likes to bite. Toes, knees, anything really. But how can you be made at that face??? You can't I tell ya.


  1. Love that yellow necklace!! Where did you get it???

  2. Stripes and leopard totally work! Both outfits look great.

    Found you through Vicki Christine. :)