Friday, July 13, 2012

I have a problem

So apparently I'm really into wearing my Chambaray shirt lately? I dunno, don't judge me, it's taken all of my strength and effort just to put on my makeup this week and do my hair. Im pretty sure that my baby has worn the same outfit 2 days in a row this week. No, I'm not sick, I've just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off this week! On the plus side, the Mr and I have accomplished quite a lot, and we are pretty pretty pleased with ourselves if I do say so myself:)

I'm getting ready to go to my sisters wedding in 3 weeks in California and I'm pretty stoked. We get to take our little bubba to Disneyland! Last time we were there I was 25 weeks prego and obviously she loved Disneyland so much that she tried to come out early and join the party! Thank goodness she didn't, but Im glad that this time she can enjoy it without being born early.

On a totally unrelated topic, I have a problem to confess. I feel safe, we are friends right? Right. Ok, how do I put this... I have an addiction to throw pillows.


I know what your thinking, WTF right? Why are we talking about throw pillows on a fashion blog? but just hear me out here for a minute, I mean I'm the boss around this here blog and I talk about anything I darn well please! ha ha ha and more than anything I just need to vent. I feel consumed by pillows. I seriously think about them all the time. Like ALL THE TIME. I spend a good chunk of time browsing the selection of handmades on Etsy. It's a problem I tell ya. I currently have 6 pillows on my couch alone, 4 on my bed, and 2 in Ava's room...her's are on the floor, but if it was safe for them to be in the crib, believe me, they would be. Anyway, to get to what I was saying, I just feel like I could do unlimitless things with the pillows I could buy. In my own world I can just design away to my hearts desire.

Have you ever seen that commercial for where the girl is sitting on her couch and her pillows change the entire commercial? Yeah, that is what I want my life to be like. I want to have so many pillows that my front room could look different every week. I blame Pinterest for a lot of this. I swear that if I die young, my husband will never remarry just for precautionary measures of not having excessive amounts of pillows in his house again.

Well. I think I just confirmed to myself that I am the crazy cat lady of pillows. Is there a support group out there for this kind of thing?
Shirt: H&M($19.98)| Skirt: Forever 21($7.80)|Sunglasses: Steve Madden(older than dirt)| Flats: Ross($12.99)|Bracelets: Forever 21(under $10)


  1. How do you always find such cute skirts at Forever21?! Maybe the Forever 21's here are just ghetto, but I can't ever find any where I'm not at risk of showing everything to the world. I see cute stuff online, but when I'm in the store, nothing! Maybe it's because you're in Utah they have cuter stuff that doesn't show every bit of skin?

  2. I SO agree with you, Monica! I find so much potential at Forever21 online but I feel like finding cute stuff in the store is like a needle in a haystack!

    Love the bracelets and the watch!

    xx Steph from

  3. Love your blog - how do you get your hair up like that? It looks so good.

    1. Thank you! Maybe I will do a tutorial on it soon!