Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink Nautical and the GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Shorts: TJ Maxx($16.99)| Shirt: Forever 21 ($5.80)| Cardigan: Target ($10-on clearance!)|Belt: Forever 21 ($5.80)| Sandals: Forever 21 ($7.80)| Necklace: Forever 21 ($8.80)| Bracelets: Forever 21 ($1.80)| Watch: BP @ Nordstrom ($18)| Sunglasses: Betsey Johnson @ Nordstrom Rack ($18)

Who says Nautical colors can only be red, white, and blue? Put a new spin on nautical by pairing pink, blue, and stripes together! Add some gold accents and a thin belt to give your outfit a "day on the yacht" feel. Oh man, who wouldn't love a day on a yacht? You can look like you spend your day sailing at sea, without having to have the money to really do so! When it comes to wearing crops/bermuda shorts there is something to keep in mind. Many times these shorts can cut off at a weird length, making your legs look short and stumpy, like in these pictures! But if you are anything like me, there is no other option but to wear these type of shorts or longer! Try to wear wedges if you can to elongate your legs, unless of course you have spidery long legs to begin with and can pull off flats with these type of shorts, in which case, I hate you. :)

Anyway, the winner of the giveaway was randomly chosen this morning, and here is our winner!!!

e-mail me at so I can get your information :)

To everyone else, thank you for following and entering, I will have another giveaway soon!


  1. Wooo hooo I'm so excited!! I emailed you all of my info. Cant wait to wear that necklace.

  2. love your outfit! perfect for busy girl who wants to look chic!
    follow u! :)


  3. I don't know how you do this! I have tried to wear the skinny belt but I cannot pull it off. Any suggestions?

  4. for me the trick is just to wear it higher above my hip bones so it really cinches your waist. a lot of time is just about the placement of the belt!