Friday, April 27, 2012

Boyfriend Jeans

Jeans: Old Navy($19.50)|Shirt: Forever 21($7.80)|Cardigan: Old Navy($22.50)|Necklace: Charlotte Russe($6.50)|Sandals: Forever 21($7.80)| Belt: Express(old, I don't remember how much:)|Bracelets: Forever 21(6.80)

Sorry for my lack of posting, pretty much ALLLLL week. It has been a very very hectic week for us. We are in the process of deciding to move or not. We have done a lot of apartment shopping, and a lot of apartment showing in the last number of days, and I have had hardly a second of free time to blog. But anyway, I got a new pair of pants about a month ago. The boyfriend jean! They were on sale at Old Navy, and I didn't really know if I wanted to get them just cause I am so used to wearing my trousers or skinnies. But after much consideration, I bought them, and I am very very happy with my choice, considering I have been wearing them almost daily. They are perfect for everyday. My pair are perfect for me cause they are not too loose, not too tight, and I can slip them on and be comfortable the whole day. I would say you must get a pair :)


  1. that jeans look fantastic! love the combination!
    good luck with all that moving.