Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blow-dry Tutorial (FIXED VIDEO!!!!)

So my last video didn't work because I put music on it, and apparently that didn't fly with You Tube, so I re-uploaded it without music and this time it should work. Sorry you will have to sit in silence for 5 minutes! It's the though that counts though!

Anyway Recently I have had a lot of friends who have told me I should do a tutorial on how I blow-dry my hair, so I thought I would do just that today :)

Blow-drying your hair with a round brush is tough, not gonna lie. Even someone who has been doing it for a long time still gets tried of it fast, and before long your wrist aches just looking at a round brush. A lot of friends I know don't know how to blow-dry with a round brush, BUT it is probably easier than you might think. Before I went to Paul Mitchell my friend Kendra showed me how to blow dry my hair. Her way was wayyyyy over my head since she is a professional hair dresser, so I tweaked it to be a little easier for myself, but all the credit in learning how to do it was from her, and I have been blow-drying it the same ever since.

I had to speed up the video otherwise it was going to be like 15 minutes long, so sorry if parts just fly right by, but I hope you can still get the jist of it!

By the way, my blow-dryer is Paul Mitchell...I LOVE, and both of the brushes you see are Paul Mitchell as well. If you have any questions please leave me a comment and I'll get back to you! I hope you enjoy friends!

By the way, I saw these at Forever 21 today, and I'm torn on wether or not to get them.

They are only $29.80. I'm a little hesitant since we are going into summer and I can't really wear them for a while, but they are almost too cute to pass up. The only reason I didn't actually buy them is cause they were out of my size at the store. What do you guys think? I'm TORN! Let me know if you think I should get them! If YOU wanna buy them for yourself click HERE.

Have a great Sunday!:)


  1. Your video is not says it was blocked in this country :( Cute shoes tho. A girl I work with has them & they are super cute!

  2. I couldn't get it to work as well. I really wanted to see it too! :) I like the shoes! Come fall, I bet you will wish that you would have bought them.

  3. Hey! My hair tends to get SUPER staticky when I round brush and blow dry. Do you know how I can prevent that?

  4. Hi this is Becky from dinner at wingnuts the other night. I Love your blog!! I don't blowdry my hair much because it is super curly and it it gets super frizzy because I don't really know what I am doing. But, everytime I do it gets stuck in the round brush if I bring it back up towards my head from the ends of my hair. Can I prevent that or is it just my hair?

  5. hey Becky! What I would probably recommend is getting a boar bristle brush first off, that will help your hair lie smoother as your blow-dry it, and also especially with curly hair like yours you need a very very large barrel. That way when you wrap it up, it won't get too tight and get stuck. You can find really large ones at Sally's or Taylor Maid. I would get as big of one as you can, and that will probably help it not get tangled and stuck!