Sunday, March 25, 2012

hello, my name is paste-y

Dress: Cotton On($5)| Belt: Forever 21($4.80)| Cardigan: Forever 21($12.80)| Scarf: Forever 21($10.80)| Earrings: Forever 21($4.00)| Flats: Steve Madden @ Ross($12.99)

After seeing the photo's of myself in this dress, I realized something...I am PASTE-Y white. Not just white white, we are talking sickly, I need some Vitamin D stat white. Well, I guess thats what happens after your skin hasn't seen the sun all winter, and you barely even got any color during the summer cause you were pregnant the whole time...I'll stop complaining; but lets just agree to agree that I need a spray tan soon. Safe sun friends, safe sun.
Anyway, we recently got a store called Cotton On here at the mall by my house. I would say its a mix between Pac Sun and Urban Outfitters. I went in there the other day to have a look and found this cap sleeved dress, for $10! I spared blinding you with arms by putting on spring colored cardi and an bright scarf, but anyway back to my story, I was loving that I found this dress for 10 dollars, and as I went to pay for it, the register guy told me it was actually 5 I bought 2. Different colors of course. Can you say steal? hubby wasn't even mad I bought them. In fact I think he was a little proud.

P.S. are you SO excited to start pulling out your summer clothes???


  1. How long ago did you get the dress?! It is soo cute I gotta have one! Do you think they are still on sale?

  2. i got it about a week and a half ago! i went there a few days ago and they still had some! you'll wanna get a small size cause they run really big for some reason!