Thursday, June 16, 2016

Living Room Reveal

Look who is back! It's been a while friends, it really has. I am super excited to share this reveal with you though, so I hope you love it! As many of you know who follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, we bought a home in November and we moved in around Thanksgiving! As much as I am a busy bee that loves to get everything done quick, with the holidays and then me getting pregnant so quick after moving in (and getting SICK!), I was much slower than I usually am getting everything put together! Luckily things have come together quite nicely and I am super excited about how it has turned out. Now we just need to imagine a bunch of baby gear everywhere in t-minus 2 months!
 photo IMG_7375_zpsgis9mrop.jpg  photo IMG_7534_zpsnqdts1p6.jpg  photo IMG_7372_zpsqa9uarv9.jpg  photo IMG_7371_zpsmlbcqkiy.jpg  photo IMG_7535_zpsxym97yts.jpg  photo IMG_7374_zps5u5xr8pi.jpg
Rug: RUGSUSA.COM | Couch: OLD | Coffee Table: Yardsale | Side Table: Home Goods | Lamp: Home Goods | Curtains: IKEA | Vase & flowers: TJ Maxx | Pillows: Etsy and HERE | TV console: Walker Edison | Baskets/ Plant/ Decor: TJ Maxx | Mirror: Target


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