Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Comfy Casual

Jeans: Flying Monkey (here)
Top: c/o Piper & Scoot (similar)
Hat: (from husband)
Vans: Old (here)
Diaper Bag: c/o Petunia Pickle Bottom (here)

So if I am being really honest with you guys, this is probably more what I look like on an average day than anything else. I love being comfortable so usually jeans and a t-shirt is my go to outfit. Top that with my beloved USC hat (given to me by my sweet husband) and a pair of worn in vans and I could rock that look 9 times out of 10. The truth is, my real style is much more laid back that the usual dress and high high heels. It's just how I have always felt most comfortable and like myself. I actually feel like I don't have to get overdressed head to toe because I look more natural and prettier. I think I have said before that I love understated beauty:) Although I embrace all sorts of styles, this is also the one my husband liked the best too. When he was shooting these pictures he said "You look freaking hot. I would love to see you in this for a date instead of dressed up." So there ya go. Sometimes men like a little down home laid back girl.
You know what is the PERFECT addition to this ensemble? This amazingly soft and stretchy tee from Piper & Scoot (here). i have linked a the same kind in a striped version because of course. Stripes are everything. Make sure you swoop one of these up ASAP! Every girl needs that perfect flawy tee that just drapes effortlessly over their bod, and I have found it. You are welcome:) I am excited to announce that I will be teaming up with Piper & Scoot to bring you 4 looks styled in all sorts of ways over the next 4 weeks. Stayed tuned cause I have a ton of goodness coming your way!


  1. This is so my style!!! Thank you for representing the girl that just doesn't want to put up with the pain of heels and feels much more comfortable in flats and sneakers!! :-). Mrs GlamHungryMom featured your IG account on her blog today, and I came by - so refreshed to see this post. You're every day is totally cute and you're rockin it!

  2. You look gorgeous! Great relaxing outfit.

  3. Sooo comfortable!!! Hope you’ll stop by my blog & follow along!
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  4. Comodissimo !!! Spero vi fermerete dal mio blog e seguite insieme! abiti da festa ingrosso