Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tres Chic Mama

Tee: c/o Oh Baby Chic (here)
Skirt: Forever 21 (here)
Shoes: Go Jane (here)
Sunnies: Forever 21- sold out (similar here)

Hi lovely friends! After a 2 month hiatus I am back and ready to start doing some posts! In case you haven't kept up with my Instagram, and in case it isn't obvious from my photos, I had my baby! I had William a month ago on June 30th and he seriously is a doll! (My husband doesn't like when I call him a doll) lol anyway, life has been pretty dang awesome lately and I have been enjoying my maternity leave from work and soaking up every moment possible with my babes. Pretty soon here I am going to post Will's birth story, I just need to be able to go through the basically gazillion pictures my sister took:)

In the meantime I am so excited to share this fun shirt with you guys! This sweet number was sent to me from Oh Baby Chic and I love it! Of course as a mama we all want to feel glamorous but also comfortable, and this tee is just that! I especially love this top because it is SO long. You cant tell with this skirt, but it very long and I love that because moms will also know that chasing around little ones requires a lot of bending over, twisting, and all over a ton of movement, and we need something that will cover us up at every minute so we are constantly tugging at our clothes! Head over to Oh Baby Chic to check out the other fabulous "mama" options:) Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday and I will post again soon!

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