Thursday, June 19, 2014

Packing my hospital bag with Petunia Pickle Bottom

Recently I was sent this GORGEOUS diaper bag from the amazing Petunia Pickle Bottom! I was beyond flattered because I have been a long time fan of their bags and have had about 4 different kinds, so being able to add to my collection was an over the moon experience for me. I had a hard time choosing a bag because I feel like you really can't go wrong with any kind you get, but I was finally able to narrow it down to the City Carryall in Central Park North Stop. It is a truly beautiful bag and I was so excited to receive it! Once I got it though I was even more impressed. In usual Petunia fashion, the structure is superior. Every detail of the bag is thought out, well crafted, and even the hardware is sturdy and beautiful. I love the pretty embossed pattern on the bag, the endless amount of compartments for all your baby items, and the over all chic-ness of it. I know this will be a diaper bag I can use for the long haul. It came with the traditional wipes case and my favorite part, the zippable changing pad. How convenient is that? If anyone is considering getting a Petunia Pickle Bottom, I could not recommend enough. This is the only brand I used with Ava, and I can't wait to use this classic bag with the new baby:)

In other news, I was SO excited (and ready/a little behind) in packing my bag for the hospital! Even though I have been through this before, it was difficult to remember what was essential and what wasn't, so I ended up with this:

1. Aden & Anais Bamboo swaddle blankets - I had been lusting after these incredibly soft muslin blankets pretty my whole pregnancy and a couple dear friends got them for me for my baby shower! Not only do these get softer every wash, but they are super breathable. Most newborns love to be swaddled (since it reminds them of the womb) and these are perfect for a summer baby since they are light and breathable.

2. Diapers (and wipes)- This should be a no brainer obviously:)Some hospitals supply diapers during your stay, but a lot don't, so make sure you stock up! Babies really don't soil their diapers much the first few days since they is pretty much nothing in their systems, but it is important to have them on hand. I love the Pampers swaddlers for newborns (but I love Luvs for toddlers just FYI.

3. Burp cloth - I will be using this one for both burping and for a nursing cover in the hospital. Really the swaddle blankets are awesome for everything! I had some for Ava and I used them for everything from a play mat to cleaning up baby puke.

4. Going home outfit - I got this sweet outfit at my baby shower and it is too cute for words! I actually got 2 of them from the same line and I don't know yet which one will fit him best so I packed both. I definitely just love a cute going home outfit for that special day:)

5. Nose suction and binky - The hospital will have plenty of nose suctions on hand, but it's best to have one of your own in close proximity to you just in case. You also want to have a binky (if you so choose to use them) in case they are soothed by them. Ava never took one, but each baby is different, so you never know!

6. Sophie the Giraffe - This one is actually just for me :) Obviously it will be a while till he can use a teething toy, but it's just so dang adorable I can't help but put it in there. Plus Ava claims it as hers ANY chance she gets and I am tired of hiding it, so for now the diaper bag is a safe hiding spot:)

I hope this post was a little helpful for new moms packing their baby bags, I know I was pretty clueless the first time, so any help is good help! Of course these items are just MY essentials, so feel free to add or take away whatever feels right and essential for you!

(*This was a C/0 post from Petunia Pickle Bottom, but all opinions are my own)


  1. Who makes the coming home outfit? Love!!

  2. Love the deer head! Do you mind if I ask where it is from?

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