Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Must have Spring Lipsticks

In recent years I have developed a deep fondness for lipsticks. I was never a huge lipstick girl until after my wedding and I got our photos back, and I felt like a ghost! Oh what a little color could have done in the way of saving my washed out face. Ever since then I have been slowly building up my stash and in the last year especially, have been stepping outside my comfort zone to find bold colors I normally would not wear. Now I am a little lipstick pro (or so I like to think) and have compiled a little list of lipsticks you MUST have for the spring and even summer. I promise, each color is gorgeous and definitely worth investing in! I apologize in advance for the all the silly kissy lips, I just wanted all the pictures of my lips to look as close to the same as possible!

1. MAC Candy Yum Yum- I am going to come right out the gate with my personal favorite. If you love bold and you love pink, this is a definite need in your life. As one of the most used colors from bloggers around, I have found that it really compliments almost every skin tone, and is such a fun bright color that you'll find yourself reaching for it more and more. The perfect barbie pink. It has of course the signature vanilla scent of MAC lipsticks, but be warned, this one is matte, so you will want to make sure your lips are well hydrated and exfoliated before using or they will look like crusty town.

2. Revlon Siren - In the spring and summer red lips can come across rather stark, but if you are a huge fan of the red lip, try going for a lighter funner orangish-red. That is exactly what Siren is. I love this color cause its bright and bold without looking vampy and too dark for the season, but it is definitely still sexy.

3. Revlon Primrose - This is probably my most use lipstick of all the ones I have. It is a slightly dusty pink with the tiniest hint of a blue undertone. If you are new to using lipstick, this should definitely be were you start. It has enough color to make it obvious you are wearing something, but neutral enough for everyday wear. I usually layer it with NYX Butter gloss in Eclair because it compliments it perfectly! I get compliments every time I use this one :)

4. MAC Saint Germaine - This is the newest member to my collection, but I have already found a lot of reasons to wear it! Be warned though, this is very pastel so if you are afraid of it washing you out, of it you have darker skin, it could look a little intense. It is really buildable though so if you don't want it to look too pasty then only use a layer or two. The color is really smooth though and it's so feminine.

5. Maybelline Fuschia Fever - I have heard that this color is supposed to a dupe for Candy Yum Yum, it's not. I have both and I can tell you that the color pay off is completely different. They may look similar in the tubes, but Fuschia Fever is definitely more fuschia and maybe even slightly rose colored, while Candy Yum Yum is more of an electric pink almost. Either way, the color is gorgeous and perfect for a bright pink lip without looking too overdone. I love how smooth and shiny the formula is and can see myself using this a lot this summer!

I hope that if you haven't tried any of these of, you run out and get yourself at least one! The Revlon and Maybelline lipsticks can be found at any drugstore, and the MAC can be found at any MAC store or Nordstom :) Have good night everyone!


  1. I've been wanting to add this to my stash. Definitely getitng that MAC lipstick this weekend! xo

  2. Ordered the Candy Yum Yum a few days ago and am thinking about getting the Fuchsia Fever also - thanks for this post!! Xoxo