Tuesday, February 25, 2014

21 weeks

21 weeks is finally here and I am finally on the downward slope of this pregnancy! That is crazy that in just a few months I will have my little boy here!

Here is a little update on what has been going on the last few weeks.

-I got to see the mister on his 20 week anatomy scan to make sure he was healthy. Scott was at work and because he is studying for the Series 7 exam he couldn't take off any time to come with me, so my best friend Ashley came along for support. I was a little nervous to make sure he was a boy cause I hadn't seen him for 5 weeks since his gender ultrasound and I had been having dreams that he was actual a girl! Not that I don't want another girl, but I had my heart set on a boy now. Turns out he was very much so a boy and there was no denying that! It was clear as day! He looked prefect and healthy and he looked right on track! They told me that my real due date is 7/6/2014 and my doctor told me that because I have been induced before he will induce me a week early on June 29th or 30th which is perfect so he will be here for my favorite holiday, the 4th of July!

- This baby is very active at night. He is usually asleep most of the day until like 3pm or so and then he is very kicky right before I got to sleep at 10 or 11 pm. He is super strong so Scott has been able to feel him kicking on the outside already. I am also carrying a lot different than I carried Ava. Ava was super high in my stomach from day one, almost in my ribs and it looked like I stuck a basketball under my shirt. This time he is sitting super super low. So low in fact that sometimes I feel like he is just going to fall right out! I only feel him kicking in the very lowest part of my stomach, right above my pubic bone...which is LOW! I can't even imagine how I will feel when he drops! I also found out that my placenta is in the front of him this time, which is weird to me cause that didn't happen last time. The doctor told me that as he gets bigger I may not feel him move as much as I did with Ava which makes me sad. That is my favorite part! We also picked a final name for him. We don't plan to share it with the masses till he is born, but it is a name very special to me and I think it sounds great with his last name. We have even been teaching Ava how to say:)

- I am starting to get over the majority of my cravings. I don't crave lemonade nearly as much as I used to, but I have been dying for strawberries and pineapple. The thought just makes my mouth water! I also really have a thing for the french dip sandwich as Arby's. I have no idea why, I had never even had it before, I just saw it on a commercial and decided I needed to have it, and from that moment on I have one about once a week. I guess it is a tad healthier than my cravings last pregnancy of Panda Express and Noodles and Company! I have found that I am avoiding some foods though. I can't stand the thought of greasy food. Like fast food hamburgers and even Chick-fil-a makes me sick to my stomach! I got a sandwich from there one day with Scott and I couldn't even finish eating it, I guess it is good I'm not interested in super gross greasy food!

-I have been SO exhausted this pregnancy, so much more than I was with Ava. I don't know why, but since the first trimester it just hasn't let up, I could literally sleep for days and still not get enough. The only time I have a random burst of energy is late at night at like 7 or 8 pm, so I usually try and take advantage of that time to clean the house or play with Ava. I have also gained weight faster this pregnancy than I did with Ava. I am hoping it will taper off because I gained the bulk of my weight at the end with her. So far I have gained 11 lbs, which is more than I had gained at this point with Ava, but I was also really sick with Ava so I actually lost weight in my first trimester. This time I was barely sick so I was still eating normally and gained weight when I didn't before.

-I have been having a lot harder time with this pregnancy body wise. I think it was all so fun the first time and I didn't know what to expect that I just went with the flow. This time I have seen so many changes I didn't see last time that it has thrown me for a loop! I have just been having a hard time adjusting to my body doing whatever it wants and not being in control of what happens, so I have been complaining, A LOT! But I know that this is such a blessing and I really am excited to have this little one in our family soon that I need to chill out and not be such a negative nancy about my body!

-Our little family has been doing so well! Scott got a new job with a financial stocks and trading firm, he is making a ton more money so that ha really been amazing! I am still chugging along at Jane and loving every minute I do all their Instagram stuff (in addition to blogger relations and other things) and kinda am the "voice" of Jane, which most people don't know, so I love to overhear that people love the stuff I post or think it is super funny. Makes my day.

-We recently bought a king bed, and literally all of my dreams have been realized. It is now my favorite thing in my entire house. I am not a huge cuddle bug and when I want to go to sleep, I do NOT want to be touched or cuddled, but I still like to be able to touch Scott with my arm if I want to haha. Our bed is literally so comfortable that I want to lay in it all day...which now that I think of it might be contributing to the said wanting to sleep all day... hmmm...thoughts to consider. Also Ava has not been sleeping super well so she ends up sleeping in our bed half the night and if I decide to co-sleep with this baby like I did last time, we definitely needed more room than our queen bed.

-We also got a new car this week! Back in July of last year we wanted to become a 2 car family again, so we started looking into cars to get. We were looking for something used and within our budget, but somehow got swindled into getting a brand new car, way outside of our budget we had set. Neither of us felt very good about the decision and after about 6 weeks we decided to take the car back. We were extremely lucky because due to some change in management at the dealership, they had never fully processed our contract and we were able to get out of the vehicle completely. It was a such a blessing in disguise. FoR the next 6 months I did a lot of diligent research about which car we should get and what would be best for our family. I checked ratings, safety, and which body style we liked. We also wanted to have a good down payment for the car so we saved up in the meantime. We ended up buying a 2010 Mazda CX-7 and we are TOTALLY in love. It iS black with black leather and I couldn't be happier with our choice. Plus having 2 cars again has made everything so much easier for me, especially with my upcoming appointments for the baby and Scott working in Sandy everyday.

-We celebrated 4 years of marriage this weekend. It was such a wonderful time! We went to the Melting Pot, which is turning out to be our yearly tradition, followed by staying the night at the Marriott City Center in SLC, which is where we had our reception and stayed out wedding night. I love our tradition for our anniversary and am so glad to have been married to this awesome man for 4 whole years!

-I started potty training Ava yesterday. Why did no one tell me how hard this is??? I tried to get her excited, and we went and bought her a 6 of "princess panties" which turned out to be 5 too many, because she felt the need to try on every pair every 30 seconds. She refused to commit to one pair and finally after going through all 6 pairs, 3 times a piece, she brought me her diaper and asked me to put it back on. Oh heavens. Then when she was wearing a pair of panties, she wanted to pee on the toilet while wearing them. I cannot reason with this child. She spent most of the day yesterday naked, and peed on our carpet 3 times. She did successfully make it to the potty once and she has gone once today as well, and I have been rewarding her with huge praise and princess stickers when she makes it to the potty, so hopefully this continues to improve! Wish me luck!

Well that is a little update on what has been going on with the Allen's! Stay tuned all you mommies to be, cause I have a sweet giveaway coming up this week!:)


  1. When I was pregnant with my little man I was a lot like you. He sat really low and the placenta was in the front. I actually didn't feel him kick for the first time until 24ish weeks. I don't know how it is to have a girl but I LOVE having my little boy. My hubby loves having a little buddy and I love getting kisses from my little man. You are going to love it.

    You look great so don't beat yourself up too much about how your body is changing. The things we do for a little one though huh!?

  2. love the belly pic, and that shirt! where from?