Saturday, July 13, 2013

Urban Peach Giveaway

Shirt/Jeans/Heels: Forever 21 | Belt: TJ Maxx (old) | Bracelet/Necklace: c/o Urban Peach Boutique (here & here)

You may not believe your eyes, but this is an outfit post. GUYS. An outfit post. Can you believe it?? I think it has been more than 6 months since I have posted one of these, and for good reason. I have entirely more important things to do than get dressed up in real clothes and actually do my hair. This is a gift to myself really. I'm a busy lady, and contrary to popular belief, busy ladies wear sweatpants 24/7. I would also like to say that outfit posts make my heart sad. My hair was looking fab for this shoot, and what happens on the ONE day I decide to take pics for an outfit in half a year? The wind blows so hard the whole time that I get so frustrated halfway in and just call it a wrap without even seeing what hubby shot on the camera. There was more bad than good. Not to mention Ava was trying to creep in most of my's a good thing she was wearing more than a diaper, cause it was almost just a diaper. In public. This was supposed to be an in and out situation.

Anyway, I have an AMAZING giveaway for you lovely ladies today:) my dear friend Tiffany is the one of the owners of the shop Urban Peach Boutique and if you have not heard of this store before, you must must must go look at it now. I'm obsessed with pretty much all her jewelry and her purses are to die for. I promise, you will fall in love with everything they have! Not to mention we have Urban Peach sell on Very Jane every once in a while, and you can get their amazing products even cheaper during one of their 3 day deals! In the meantime, they are giving away the gorgeous Aztec necklace above to ONE lucky Allen & Co reader. Trust me, this necklace is even more beautiful in person than in pictures, and it will be the perfect addition to your collection. Here are the rules to enter!

1. You MUST be a Allen & Co follower via GFC

2. You MUST like Urban Peach Boutique on Facebook (click here)

3. You MUST follow Urban Peach on Instagram @urbanpeachboutqiue

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For all of those who would like to start shopping right now, Urban Peach has extended a special discount to my readers! An extra %15 off your entire order:) Just enter ALLENCO15 at checkout! Happy shopping:)


  1. It's been a while since i last saw your blog.. totally LOVE your new design :) also go you! for doing an outfit post

  2. its a great idea and really beautiful dresses color combination.. its a simple and sophisticated style...