Thursday, December 27, 2012

things I love lately

Hey y'all! I am back from my trip to Colorado and wanted to do a quick post about some things that I am loving right now. So let's dive right in and get down to business.

1. L'Oreal True Match Lumi Foundation
So I have a couple tried and true foundations that I love, but I recently stumbled upon this one and I love it. I can't say enough good things about it. The purpose of this foundation is to give you a glowy, dewy look to your skin. I noticed that my skin was lookin pretty rough a couple weeks ago and for whatever reason it just looked SO dull and so matte, and so just...blah. I picked this up and I am so glad that I did. it gives you an instant glow to your skin and makes you look healthy and fresh. Now a little side note on this product, it is NOT a full coverage foundation. it's rather on the light side, and is slightly build-able to a medium, but your not going to be getting much more than that. I am a full coverage lady over here because of my freckles and dark spots, so when I need a bit more coverage I just mix it with my Laura Mercier silk creme foundation and I am good to go!

2. L'Oreal Magic Lumi concealer
Have a told you that I have been really into highlighting lately? I haven't? Well let me tell you. Go look up a highlight/contour video on YouTube right now, like right now, I'll wait....

So THAT is the reason I am loving it right now. It just opens up your eyes SO much and gives your face perfect lighting constantly. Anyway, at first I thought that any old concealer would do. Nooooooooooo no no no no. I was using my thick wax concealer from my pro makeup kit and realized that it was way to heavy when it was settling in my fine lines and creases and making me look like a 70 year old smoker. That is when I turned to this. It is a little on the watery side, but that is ok because I am just looking for the highlight and I don't have dark circles to cover. I love how it brightens and perfects. Make sure you get at least 1 if not 2 shades lighter than your normal skin tone.

3. L'Oreal Colour Riche "The Balm" in Pink Satin
Man I have been striking it rich in the L'Oreal department lately! SO I have never met a balm I didn't like and when my dearest Ashley pulled this out of her purse on a afternoon get together, I had to have it. It was the perfect amount of sheerness and color. It is a silkier balm than Revlon Lip Butter, but it has a sheerer color to it. Perfect for everyday. I am already on my 2nd tube, but most of that is because Ava ate my last one.

4. John Freida Brilliant Brunette shampoo/conditioner
So I am usually a shampoo snob because I went to cosmetology school for a while (until I got pregnant) and I learned all about the importance of good hair products. While I do believe the right shampoo can make or break your hair, I also think there are number of suitable drugstore options. Example one. I was noticing that my color was looking super dull and not shiny and just all around unhealthy, but I certainly didn't want to dye it again because dying your hair basically the same color it already is, can wreak havoc on your tresses. So I turned to this shampoo. I used to use this a long time ago when I was like 19. I loved it then, but because of how experimental I am with my hair products, I hopped around and forgot what a true gem it is. Ahhhh how easily I forget. In 1 wash I noticed more dimension and vibrancy. Give it a try if you want to wash some life back into your hair:)

5. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia

My parents got this for me for Christmas. That's all I have to say about that.

So that wraps up my latest thing I love. If you have any favorite things, let me know! I am always on the look out for the next thing I will become obsessed with! P.s. I am leaving to Texas tomorrow for a wedding and won't be on again for a while but you can follow our trip on Instagram @morgansallen


  1. hope u had a happy holiday :)

    i think i'm going to try out that foundation!
    thanks for sharing... great products!

    - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  2. I love the Loreal lip balm too! I have it in Heavenly Berry and another color I can't remember (nude?). It feels SO good on and not too heavy. Fun to find you from The Mrs. and the Momma!

  3. i looooooooooooooove that shampoo! i need to buy more :)