Wednesday, December 5, 2012

should've got a flu shot...

Welcome to day 2 of my own personal hell. The Flu has taken over my body and I feel like I am dying from the inside out.

What started out Monday as a slight sore throat, has now developed into full blown walking death. Muscle aches, fever, chills, nausea, sore throat, bowling ball brain, stuffy nose, and black lung. I think my favorite thing is that it feels like someone took a steel pipe to the back of my head. Even lifting myself from my bed takes every bit of my energy, and no amount of dayquil (or nyquil-my personal favorite) is helping. It's so pitiful in fact, that sweet Scottifer had to help lift my limp body out of the bathtub today cause I couldn't even get to my feet.

I just got out of my 5th shower today. I am slightly concerned to see our water bill this upcoming month. All I do is lay there in the tub and try and soak in every single bit of heat. Right now I CANNOT be warm enough. Like ideally, I would like to just be laying in sauna or steam room right now. This is madness. I also feel like I haven't seen my baby girl in days. Between time at daycare, Ashley's house, Scott watching her while I sleep, and Ember taking her all day today while I slept(thanks heavens for Ember), I feel like everyone is helping raise my child but me. It is SO sad. I miss her, but I fear getting her sick.
Today my boss Courtney told me to skip work and get some rest. Bless your soul Courtney. I'm fairly certain that I would have passed out at my desk had I been there today. Ugh. Hopefully this day of bumming around will boost my body into sickness butt kicking overdrive.

And to make matters even worse? Over the last 2 days I have received more and more sponsor jewelry that I can do nothing with right now. Considering that no one and I mean NO ONE would want to see a picture of me right now, the only thing I can do is admire the beautiful jewelry and fantasize about wearing them...while looking cute...which sounds like a very distant goal.

Oh, and just in case you want perspective on how miserable I look/feel? Today before Scott left for work, I was laying sprawled out on the couch, pulling the toilet paper up both nostrils trick to combat my laziness of blowing my nose, and Scott turns to me and sweetly says, "You're so pretty....well not right now, but usually."

Aaaaaaand that's where we're at folks. Please pray for my speedy recovery.


  1. Oh my goodness, you sound absolutely miserable! I hope you feel better IMMEDIATELY!

    On a lighter note, I adore that apple cider mix, yum! Hopefully that brings you a little cheer!


  2. I did get the flu shot, but still got a case of it! It was awful. I hope and pray you feel better really soon so you can get back to playing with your bundle of joy! I too have a one year old (13 months) girl, so I understand that completely! Luckily, she did not get sick, but I'm a stay at home mom, so I had to take care of her while I had it. :( It was tough!

  3. I didn't get a flu shot either. And I almost always regret it!