Thursday, November 1, 2012

This is Halloween...

This year Halloween was super fun! It was a far cry from last Halloween when I was 9 months prego and was waddling around like a beached whale waiting for my misery to be over. Halloween festivities kicked off with going to The Asylum haunted house with our friends Andrew and Jessica. My aunt who lives in Lehi watched Ava while we were out, and it was nice to see some of our friends from our old ward. Afterward we decided that the night was still young and we hit up IHOP to get some caramel hot chocolate and breakfast food:)

The next night was Friday and Scott's sister and her fiancé watched Ava as we went up to Salt Lake to out 3rd annual Halloween bash with some of our best friends BJ and Aubrey and Craig and Stephanie. Scott and I dressed as "white trash". I was Jimmy Ray and Scott was my hot girlfriend Brandy Jo. My costume was no joke you guys...I kept forgetting that I had paint on my face all night, and before we headed down, Scott helped me plastic wrap my boobs down so that I looked as flat as possible, I was a man after all! Just FYI for all you ladies out there...plastic wrapping your boobs is not only probably bad for you, but it is incredibly uncomfortable. By the time we got to SLC I could hardly breath and the plastic wrap was so tight that I just ripped it to shreds from under my shirt. Never again.
Anyway, Aubrey made some delicious taco soup, we played some fun games, and tried to learn the Gangnam Style dance...let me just say, it's much harder to learn it in your husband's pants that you are swimming in. Just sayin.

Saturday night we were supposed to go to another friends Halloween party, but Ava started having the mother of all meltdowns during the middle of the day, crying constantly. I tried giving her a couple naps, but I think she was at the end of her rope after being left 2 days in a row with a babysitter. We decided to forgo the party and keep her home since she was so miserable. We put her to bed at 7pm and we watched some movies on the couch together. It was nice to just take a break and Ava woke up in the morning in a much better mood!

Yesterday was Halloween and I was very excited to take Ava on her first Halloween trick or treating! I had to work most of the day, but after I got off Ember brought Ava to my work to visit in her monkey costume! Isn't that the cutest thing ever???? I die over her costume.
Scott had to work until 8 and I decided to take Ava to the mall to trick or treat instead of a neighborhood, since Scott wasn't coming and I didn't think it would be safe to go alone in the dark. I carried Ava through the mall while she carried her candy bucket. Halfway through so decided she didn't want to hold the bucket, and wanted to walk instead. Oh boy was that a handful. Since she is new walker and the costume didn't help, she was a little on the slow side, and she kept being trampled by bigger kids! She also had to stop every minute or so to grab candy out of her bucket. I finally broke apart a couple pieces for her to try and her sucker ended up all over her costume, and in my hair.
In the end I know she didn't get the point of trick or treating, but it was fun to take her around and show her off in her cute little costume! I can't wait till next year when she can really enjoy it!

I hope everyone had an awesome and safe Halloween!

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  1. Your couple costumes were hilarious! Ana is a cute little monkey! Our daughter Eleanor was going to wear that same costume but she slept through all of Halloween evening. Oh well, our older kids had a lot of fun.

  2. Oh my gosh Morgan. Your costumes...hahaha SO awesome!

  3. hilar. LOVE the costumes, monkey-Ava is super cute!
    thanks for the plastic wrap tip, i'll remember to NEVER do that :)

    xo - heather

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  6. Daaah your costumes are so awesome! Love your blog Morgan! You are adorable. Here's mine so that you don't have to search for it: