Sunday, September 30, 2012

guest bloggers: Amiebelle & Sparkle Fashion

I hope everyone is enjoying our round of guest bloggers the last couple days! We have a couple more awesome ladies to feature and I will be back this week!:) I might just do a post tomorrow depending on what happens! Anyway, I am lucky enough to feature 2 lovely ladies today! Amie is just starting out on her fashion blog journey, and the girls over at Sparkle Fashion have a well established blog, but both of them have their own fun and unique style, and I am excited to have them today! Please welcome them and check out their blogs!

Hi Everyone! My name is Amie, and my blog is AmieBelle! I am honored and excited that Morgan has asked me to write a guest post for her today!

Being that fall weather is likely still a long way off here in California, I'm struggling with my autumnal urges to dive into my scarf collection! I'm a big believer in having a versatile enough wardrobe that can be mixed, matched, and layered for any season. Having the ability to take a summery item, add a few layers, and ultimately wear it well into the winter months, makes the item all the more worth it!

For this outfit, I paired my LOFT v-neck purple dress, with a LOFT black dollman sweater, and added a pair of Kohls Candies ankle boots. Truthfully, I'm hoping this heat wave will end soon so I can wear my real boots again! Please?

To see more of me, my life, and my style, please head over to my blog! Thank you Morgan! I hope you're enjoying your trip!

Love Amie x

Next up...Sparkle Fashion!

 Hi guys! I'm one of the girls from Sparkle Fashion Blog and I am here to show you mine fave outfits. When Morgan said choose only 3 i didn't knew it would be so hard . I mean, can girl have only 3 fave outfits? Exactly! ;) But back to business, here are mine fave outfits.
#1- Because  I  love long skirts!

 #2- Cute dress with boots. Perfect for this period when it's not so cold or warm.
 #3- Because I love this polka dot top! Yes, I'm potty for dotty :))

And green and red go so well together. Don't you think so?!
 Well, that is all from me. And if you want to see more find me at my  sparkly fashion corner. Thanks again to lovely Morgan for this cool feature! xo

Thanks for visiting with us today ladies! I am so glad to have had you:)

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