Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guest Blogger: Sasha from Moiology

Today is our first guest blogger! Her name is Sasha from the blog Moiology

top: h&m  |  pants: target  |  heels: j.crew  |  bag: bally   | necklace: max & chloe, alice lance  |  sunglasses: karen walker  |  bracelets: j.crew, nordstrom, forever21  |  watch: michael kors

The military trend has steadily survived from season to season with nothing more than simple tweaks along the way. This Fall in particular, we're seeing all camouflage everything: a not-so-subtle nod to army influences that always manage to look edgy, sophisticated, or feminine, depending on your styling choices. 

I paired my camouflage pants with liquid metallic top to add different tone and texture to the outfit. Then mixed in some classic nude leather pumps with a bow to add a little feminine touch to it. 

Thank you for visiting us today Sasha! I love your style!

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  1. Thank you for having me, Morgan! :)

  2. hi there! newest follower to your blog! absolutely obsessed with your blog design! so cute! and i love your style :) heading over to check out sasha's blog now but just wanted to say hi! would love if you followed back!

  3. Love Moilogy!! FYI, your link to her blog isn't working!! :((((