Monday, August 13, 2012

Welcome home!

Hi everyone!!! I'm finally home from my what seems like a FOREVER long trip! Thanks for sticking with me! We had such an amazing time, and although we are really sad it is over, we are also really happy to be home, and especially to get little Av back on schedule. She has been a little trooper this week though, I can't even tell you how good this baby is, I was seriously impressed!

First off I just wanted to say how grateful I am for everyone of my readers. The last 2 weeks, and even while I was gone, I got a number of incredibly sweet emails from some of you readers. I was so surprised to get them, and it gave me the hugest smile to read what they said. I had no idea that I helped so many people, especially busy moms feel find fashion inspiration. I have never had such nice things said to me, and I am so flattered and it makes me SO happy that you appreciate my blog and the things I write about. You guys are awesome and the reason I keep doing it. Thank you for the kind words!!!!!

Anyway, this week I will get back to doing some outfit posts, but tonight I will just share a couple photos from Courtney's wedding. She married a wonderful guy, and I am so happy for them! The San Diego temple is just beautiful. I don't think I have ever been inside such a beautiful one, although I am pretty partial to Salt Lake myself:)
Doesn't Court look amazing??? p.s. I did her hair! We had the reception at a gorgeous home in Cota de Caza, and the house we ended up at was actually the home of the vocal coach for Glee! I don't even watch Glee, but it was kinda cool to listen to her tell us stories about the cast, from everyone from Leah Michelle to Dianna Argon.
All of these photos are credit of Nicole Priest Photography, view her work here
I'm super glad to be back. It was really hard for me to not be updating while I was gone. I was having withdrawals! This week I will continue to share some photos of the trip this week, along with the MUCH requested top knot tutorial. I have gotten a few email requests for this, and Im sorry it has taken so long, but I will do it this week! Stay tuned!


  1. Well, I am going to get brave here and comment for the first time. If I wasn't so shy, I would of been one of those ones that e-mailed you while you were away and said some of those same things. ; )

    Thanks SO much for your fashion inspiration. Love it. And....thanks for letting us peak a little into your cute family's life. So fun. Congratulations to the happy newly married couple! So cute! Love her colors!

    1. thank you so much Lynn! That is so nice to hear!!! :)

  2. hun that photo of you and ave..awww heartbreaking!
    and that one where u jump..amazing!
    i am so glade that more and more people see how cool are u! keep it up :)


    I love Glee.
    I want to know all of these stories.
    Also you and Ava are like the cutest pair in the entire world. And as always I'm obsessed with your hair.
    That's all.

    1. hahaha thank va-nay! I'll fill you in on some stories! First she said the guy in the wheelchair? is the coolest guy out of all of them in real life? I'm not sure who that is though...she said that Dianna is really as beautiful as she is on the show, and she said that Lea is very very hard worker, very serious, demanding and doesn't like fooling around...code for DIVA! she didn't deny it. haha she said he character is almost exactly like her in real life. After rubbing elbows I basically am famous now. Ill send you an autograph:)