Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Night Out

Tonight hubby and I were able to get out of the house. Lately we have been on a major cut back budget, but tonight we were going a little stir crazy and he conveniently got out of work early so we headed down to the Riverwoods for some mini sliders at Marleys and some good ol' Blue Bell ice-cream from the Provo Beach resort! So lucky for me! My body is in tip top shape for my sisters wedding in 2 weeks, I'll tell ya what. At the rate I'm going I'll practically be swimming in my Bridesmaid dress.

Anyway it was nice to get out and just spend some time together tonight as a family. I love being with him. I love being with Ava. This is what life is about, enjoying the ones you love. Anyway, here is what I wore tonight. Good thing Scotty is a good sport and takes all my pics everywhere we go. What a doll:) Also I think this would be a pretty good gender reveal outfit for a would sike everybody out the whole time haha too bad this outfit isn't prego friendly. Trust me. I was into maternity pants by like 16 weeks.

Top: Ralph Lauren($40)| Jeans: Aeropostale($30)| Belt: The Limited I think?...actually I think it belonged to an old roommate and somehow I got it? anyway(super old)| Flats: Ross($12.99)

Man, Im really loving those cheetah flats lately too. Maybe I should pair them and my Chambray shirt together and have a party. Oh wait, I already did that. I guess I'm fresh out of new stuff then! Just kidding. Ill be back tomorrow. Hopefully without the cheetah flats. They need a rest.

On another note, isn't this an attractive photo of my child? I am lucky haha she is really something else.

On another 'nother note. Are those not the tiniest fries you have ever seen? I knew sliders were mini burgers, but is the mini fries necessary?


  1. love the outfit, u look amazing!
    ava is cute as always! :)


  2. Adorable as always, and I would LOVE a post on how you lost all of your baby weight!

    1. thank you Emily! haha I really don't have a method, but maybe I will write about it soon!

  3. I would love a "how you lost the weight" post as well! I'm dying to lose the last few pounds. Great outfit!