Thursday, July 26, 2012

Introducing Amber Lynn Photography

Ok girls! Remember how I told you that I was going to formally introduce the you to the girl I chose to do my family pictures? Well here she is, and let me tell you, she is an absolute DOLL. On Sunday I had the pleasure of shooting a couple outfits with her, and she is truly the most easy to talk to girl ever.

Little do many of you know, that behind the scenes of every outfit shoot my husband does with me, I am awkwardly standing around after every shot, asking him what I should do next. HAHAHA like he would know? (jk I'm not giving him enough credit, he is a natural little photog) but anyway, I am NOT a model. I often times feel super uncomfortable taking my pictures, but with Amber she is just so sociable and makes you feel really comfortable! She even was so kind as to position me! Something I seriously struggle with.

I honestly must say that she is probably one of the BEST photographers I have ever worked with. She has such an eye for great shots, and she is extremely patient, making sure she captures her vision for you, but most importantly what you want from her. She takes her time, she is detail oriented, and I am thrilled to have her take our pictures in September. Not to mention she is affordable! Complete package right there!

Here are some of the pictures she snapped from my photo shoot
Shirt: Old Navy($19)| Skirt: Forever 21($10.80)| Belt: Forever 21($5.80)| Heels: Charlotte Russe($20)

So if you are looking for an amazing person to take your engagement, wedding, or family pictures, I 100%, whole heartedly suggest her. You won't regret it. Lucky for everyone here I have all her information to get in contact with her, and see her work! Call her ASAP to set up an amazing photo shoot with her!
801. 742. 1172 (under construction)

Now without further a due, this is Amber!
Isn't she gorgeous? She is even more stunning in person, trust me. Here she is answering a couple questions about herself, so we can all get to know her a little better!

What is your favorite thing about being a photographer? (Why Photography?)

Honestly the more and more I do shoots my favorite thing is to get to know my clients. I have felt such connection with them and hearing them say that they had such a fun experience and were so comfortable is just a joy for me! I have been on the other side on the camera and is crazy difficult! I know what it feels like and I want to make the time I have with my clients as fun and comfortable as possible. I often play music in my back pocket which I have found it helps lighten the mood, only down fall is that I start to sing and sometimes don't even realize it :)

How would you define your style?

This is a good question. I think styles are constantly changing and we grow and learn from others our style grows and matures. I am always being influenced by others works and trying new things, but I would say soft and romantic. I'm a natural light photographer that has a personal photojournalistic feel.

How do you prepare your clients for their photoshoot?

Get dressed up! Have your makeup and hair done, go out and buy a new outfit! I know for me when I do these things I feel million percent more confident in myself. Like I said it is incredibly difficult to have a camera in your face no matter who is taking your photos, so having that extra boost of feeling amazing is a wonderful thing. Most important I think though is to have fun! Hair and makeup are great things but it they don't make the pictures if we can't see the real you. Let yourself loose and be yourself. I want my clients to know it's okay to laugh and be silly.

Who inspires you/Where do you draw inspiration from?

So many things inspire me. I can look at any photographer and find something that I could learn and be inspired by. Even though we all do the same thing initially, we are all different and have so many different styles and ideas. Along with photographers, dancing inspires me, the movement and poses are amazing. Also, color is a big one for me. I just love anything that is soft pastel colors, where that be art or patterns. There is just something special about light natural colors. So amazing.

Pinterest…friend or foe?

Friend for sure! I am a big party thrower thanks to Pinterest. I'm seriously obsessed :)

Do you pick locations, or have clients do that? What about props?

I love shooting at new locations, so I love it when my clients have idea where they want to shoot. It is more personal and special when they have something in mind. Also, the same thing goes for props! I love props. I don't supply props, but love when my clients bring them along.

When do you have the most fun doing your job?

When do I not?! Sure, it's busy at times but I can't even believe this is my job sometimes. It is all so much fun! I get to be apart of my clients lives and document their love no matter what it is. From a new mommy beaming over unborn child, to newlyweds excited to start their lives all thrills me.

What have you found is the hardest part of being in front of the camera? How does that help you be a better photographer?

Being able to be completely comfortable and keep moving into different poses is extremely difficult, let alone purely awkward. ha I know what it feels like being on the 'other' side so I do my best to make my clients feel comfortable and just have fun with it. I have learned that most don't know how to pose which is utterly understandable, photo shoots are not an everyday thing for most. I have done a little modeling just to know what it feels like to be a client and to learn more about posing so I can help my clients pose and not have the same pose for the entire session. It really helps and makes things less uncomfortable when everything flows and you can switch into another pose and feel like you know what your doing :)

When you’re not behind the camera, what would you be found doing?

Watching two beautiful girls. Editing pictures and on pinterest planning my next party :)

What is your “can’t live without this” beauty product?


If you had $1,000 dollars to spend in one store, where would you go?

Anthropologie or West elm for sure!

Favorite movie and musician!? Only pick one!

My Best Friend's Wedding. Always will be my favorite. As for Musician…that's a tough one :/

Biggest overall accomplishment/ Most exciting experience in life so far?

It was a dream of mine to start my own photography business and I didn't think I could. It was a big accomplishment for me and has only grown and I'm so grateful for that!

K, seriously, how can you not love this girl??? I'm already obsessed. Amber will be now be under the Sponsor section from now on, so anytime you want to view her work and get more information on her feel free to click her button! Thank you Amber for being with us today!!!

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