Wednesday, May 23, 2012

so as it turns out, i really am i liar.

ok, forgive me once again! I have been spending a good chunk of my week at the pool introducing little Av to water, which means I have been in a swimsuit pretty much everyday, which means I have hardly gotten dressed all week. Plus I got my first lovely sunburn of the season, so clothes and I are not friends right now. But anyway, once of the changes I planned for the blog was to do weekly segments. My first one I am going to introduce will be tomorrow. I have been very inspired by some of my favorite blogs lately, one being J's Everyday Fashion where she takes some of her favorite designer looks and recreates something very similar for much much less. So tomorrow I will be introducing The look for less Thursday. Come back tomorrow for my first post! I hope you all love it!

see y'all tomorrow!

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