Monday, May 7, 2012

New Makeup

Hey ya'll. Sorry again for my lack of posting lately. I have been trying to dedicate my time a lot more evenly in my life, and a lot more time to my little Ava, she is growing too fast!

Anyway, I got some new makeup I wanted to give my input to you on!
1. Garnier BB Cream-$11
If you have seen any makeup videos on Youtube lately, you may have seen many people talking about BB Cream or Beauty Balm. Originally it is an Asian product and is HUGE in Japan and China. It's supposed to be a primer, a tinted moisturizer, and kind of a foundation all in one. A multi- purpose product that claims to even tone and brighten instantly. I bought a version of the BB Cream at Walmart and it was like $11.

-smells fine
-thicker than a tinted moisturizer so provides better coverage
-does make skin more even
-one step
-blends easy

Cons: -Greasy -NOT for acne prone-skin
-"melts" away after a few hours
-not full coverage if that is what you are looking for

Final thought: I really like this for the summer. I don't want to wear a full face of foundation to the pool or anything, but I don't feel like my skin is even enough to just go bare. It does smooth on really well, and was super blend able. I pretty much didn't have a single streak on my face. It's pretty much an effortless product. I would say though that if you are oily or acne prone, this product is NOT for you! I don't really have oily skin, but I noticed that after only a few hours, my face was significantly oilier than it usually would be. I also broke out a bit about a day or 2 after I started using it, and RARELY RARELY breakout ever. It may have been a coincidence, but that's what happened. I would only really use this product if you have dry skin that is not prone to breaking out.

2. Nars Orgasm Illuminator-$30
So I really wanted a cream illuminator to give me that summer glow without using a powder illuminator, since I feel like those tend to make my skin look muddy. I have tried Benefit High Beam and hated it. It made me look extremely washed out. This now is the perfect peachy gold color that just brightens up your face.

-Beautiful color
-will not make you look muddy
-mixes with foundation or use alone
-a little bit goes a long way


Final thought: So I LOVE this illuminator. The picture does not do it justice. I would say that it does look better just put on top of your foundation as apposed to mixing it in. I found it just wasn't very noticeable that way. It really does give you SUCH a pretty natural glow that looks like you are super healthy and glowing from the inside out. It doesn't look like obvious makeup. The only downside is it is expensive. But it does go a long way, so it would be kind of an investment you could get your moneys worth.

3. Wet N' Wild Bronzer in "Reserve your Cabana"- $3.95
So considering it has been a significantly long time sine my skin has seen the sun, and and even longer time since I had a tan, sometimes bronzers can look a little fake and obviously bronzerish on my pale paste-y skin. But the other day I found this light bronzer than truly was perfect for my skin! They had 3 different shades, but this one was defiantly one for the whiter people out there, giving you a little color without you looking fake baked.

-lighter bronzer
-natural color

-does not stay a set powder, it loosens up and gets everywhere

Final thought: This is a great bronzing powder if you just want a little subtle color. If you are any shade outside of white...well this is not gonna look that great on you haha, but it is cheap, and really does provide good natural color. Worth a try if you ask me. Just watch out! The powder loosens up and gets everywhere if you swirl it with a brush!

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