Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sunday Best

It is VERY hard to find dresses these days that are not only long enough, but have sleeves too! Sleeves! On clothes! Can you imagine such a concept? If you are anything like me, your sundays are spent trying to modify your dresses to be church appropriate. Undershirt here, cardigan there, slip extender here. So when I saw this dress at Target of all places, I needed it. Like yesterday. I don't really shop at Target for clothes. I am great at wasting time at Target, but it is mostly in baby clothes and home decor, so I was a little hesitant about the fit.

Luckily it looked great! I was actually in the dressing room and heard a girl talking about how she couldn't find any smalls in the green and how she doesn't want to settle for the black. Well I had a small right in my hands, and you better believe I snuck out the door, clutching it for dear life. My dress. mine. Anyway, this dress came in green and black and the black version, the piping along the dress is actually leather-y. Oh la la! I have enough black though so green was my aim. I am so happy with this dress and at only $27.99, it was a perfect price too:) I wore it to church on Sunday and Scott (who usually doesn't offer up compliments often) even said "wow, you look HOT!" Mission complete. I am sorry to tell you though that after much searching online, I cannot find a link to the dress, and you might have to search in store.

Oh Target, why are you so good to me, yet to useless at the same time? Also, you may or may not have noticed the topless child in my photos. Seems she decided to make an appearance. This was seriously supposed to be a quick shoot and done picture sesh, so I didn't even bother putting a shirt on her. I mean no one would see her anyway right? Well everyone has seen her now, and now everyone knows what she looks like when she it at home with me all day. I'm just lucky she is wearing shoes. And that's a wrap folks!

Dress: Target | Shoes: Charlotte Russe(here) | Bag: TJ Maxx (old)


  1. Love this dress...it looks great on you! I definitely have a hard time finding dresses that are modest enough for work/church. I have to do the same things...cardigans, etc.

    XOXO Jess


  2. What a pretty dress! Oh, and how gorgeous are you? You look like a model girly!

    Xo, Kelsey

  3. You look great! What a great find! And your kid has shoes and pants on! Thats more than I can say for my kid most days. I'm pretty sure our neighborhood will start calling her (if they haven't already) the naked child.

  4. I love that dress! And I love reading your blog! Can you do a makeup tutorial?! :)