Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Giveaway!

Hey everyone! Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday! So since I'm going to be going out of town on Friday and blogging is going to be minimal while I am gone, I figured I would treat my awesome readers to a giveaway before I leave!

So I have recently fallen in love with cat eye sunglasses. They are not for everyone's taste I think, but I actually really like the way they frame my face and I'm now a hardcore fan. So I am giving away a pair of these same cat eye sunglasses from (the always adorable) Francesa's Collection to 1 lucky Dime Diary reader!
Jeans: Sexy Modest Boutique($39)| Top: LOFT($11.99)| Belt: Ross($6.99)| Shoes: Jessica Simpson @ Ross($24.99)

They are seriously so so so cute. You will LOVE them. I'm honestly obsessed. So here are the details!


1. You MUST be a public follower of The Dime Diary (public following will be the only ones considered. Im sorry, private following will not be considered :( So just make sure you are publicly following in order to be entered!)

2. Leave a comment on this post letting me know you follow and how many entries you have and if you want, what fun in the sun things you would do in your pair of sunglasses!


1. Like The Dime Diary on Facebook

2. Like ON Bloglovin'

3. Post the giveaway link to your Facebook

**3. I will give 2 extra entries to any follower who pins this giveaway to Pinterest!(make sure you leave this info in your comment)

And that's it! This giveaway will end next Saturday at midnight, and I will announce the randomly chosen winner on Sunday! I'm excited for everyone and I can't wait for one of you to win the glasses, you will look fabulous!


  1. I'm really bad at math tell me how many entries I get. And also do I need to leave more than one comment? me. Here's what I know - I've liked you on Facebook, I've liked you on Bloglovin, I posted it on my Facebook, I pinned it to Pinterest, I'm publicly following your blog and I'm basically obsessed with you.
    I think we've got all the basics covered here right???
    I would wear these sunglasses with my bubble statement necklace and the powers of the 2 combined would probably make every boy and girl alive fall in love with me.

  2. I publicly follow your blog!

    Now's a good excuse to comment too....for the first time. lol.

    LOVE your blog. LOVE your style.

  3. Ok, pinned it, liked it, and commented! :) I love your blog! Those glasses are adorable! Not only do I want those, but I want the shirt you're wearing too! Living in California, sunglasses are are necessity! I'd wear them everyday!

  4. I would wear my new sunglasses outside to work in the garden! Gotta look stylish for the neighbors who live up on the hill behind us, and can see right into our back yard. HA ha. Right?

  5. ok like someone said above i am also not sure on my count!
    liked on facebook
    shared on facebook with my friends
    pinned on pinterest
    publicly follow
    and now i am commenting because a. i love this blog b. in my cat sunglasses i would totally rock my double stroller around town! :)

    LOVE the blog - you are so creative and fun with your wardrobe! :)

  6. Alright....I'm so excited about these glasses! I have been looking for a fun pair ever since my aunt got herself some vintage ones from a thrift store. These will go perfect with my yellow skinnies and cheetah scarf and my ever adorable 2 year old at the zoo! I've posted on Pinterest, liked on Facebook (before the giveaway), became a public follower (something I should've done forever ago!), and now I'm commenting :) Thank you for having a blog that's fun to follow and everything is within my helpful to us mommies that want to look cute and not spend our fortune on us but our little dollies :)

  7. Oh! And I shared a link on Facebook....okay besides Bloglovin I think I've got it covered :)

  8. oh my. just found your blog and you are the cutest!! love this giveaway. those sunnies would be perfect for a beach trip back home to CA. crossing my fingers that I win!

    xx jess

  9. Adorable sunglasses! I too love your blog and you have inspired me to do some style files! I publicly follow your blog. I would be rocking' the glasses around town here in sunny California!

    melissa @ How Sweet It Is

  10. I love those sunnies - such an awesome geometric take on the cat-eye! I'm guessing the giveaway isn't open internationally (I'm from Australia) - but I'm following anyway because I love your blog :)

    Life etc

  11. I've liked you on Facebook (would have loved if I could), I've liked you on Bloglovin (and I liked myself, is that weird?), I posted it on my Facebook, and I stole it from Vanessa's pin but I did pin it to Pinterest, I'm publicly following your blog and...and I think that's all the things available for me to do except WIN THE BEAUTIFUL SUNGLASSES.

    If I had these sunglasses I would wear them every second of every day because I live in southern TN and it's so hot and sunny ALL THE TIME.

  12. :) Love these! I have 3 entries:
    -I liked The Dime Diary on FB
    -I pinned on Pinterest!


  13. Want these!!! Liked on Facebook and pinned. I sure hope I win!

  14. I linked your blog on my blog post today - hope that is ok???
    Here it is


  15. Hi!! Love these! I have a total of 5 entries, love the whole outfit!

  16. Ah I am so happy I found your blog! I definitely need some inspiration and its so great you find such good deals and most of all its always modest! O and I'm in love with this outfit :) I might just have to copy you because I just got some mint skinny jeans too!

    Ok so here we go
    Liked on facebook
    Posted on facebook
    And i publicly follow you (which I should have done on Sunday when I found this beauty lol)

    O and I would take these sunnies everywhere! Even if it wasn't sunny.

  17. ok everyone, following and comment is worth one entry, everything else except for Pinterest (which is worth 2) is worth an additional entry, but you MUST have that first following entry to get the extra ones. You can get a maximum of 6 ENTIRES!!! hope that helps!

  18. Liked of FB
    Posted link on FB
    pinned to pinterest
    follow you publicly!

    PS you're gorgeous :)

  19. I am blog follower via gfc -ne-knopka

    - Following on bloglovin #21
    - Pin-


  20. Hi I hope following on bloglovin is considered public? Thats how I follow. If so I have 5 entries. Love the shape of these glasses so much!

    1. nvm just figured out the gfc thing and see what you I am publicly following!

  21. Oh I love these!

    I've been blog stalking you for a couple of weeks and as of today made it publically (is that even a word?) official!

  22. I am a public follower.
    I like you on FB.
    I put a link on my FB.
    AND I pinned this!

  23. Love your blog.
    I'm your newest follower - and liked/shared on fbk - and pinned :)

  24. Love the glasses, I just found you on Pinterest and love the clothing options!